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Article by Emily Mobley

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As someone that is really busy… I make it look easy... 

Here are some quick and easy things I use to organize my life and make it "EASY" 

  1. I prioritize every day with a task manager. What ACTUALLY matters today? What do I absolutely need to get done that is a non negotiable, and what can I push out to later days? When this list is done. I am done with work for the day to focus my attention on other things. 
  2. I prepare my environment so when everything else fails I can keep on track because I have items ready to go at all times that fuel me. Think meal planning and prepping to have easy to grab items on hand. 
  3. I EAT. Are you in a bad mood all the time? Are you cranky that you have to do all the things? Are you scatter brained/brain fog? Are you living off caffeine all day? You likely are not eating enough or know HOW to eat to help this. Balancing your plate fixes like 99% of this. Blood sugar matters for your ENERGY to get through your day! 
  4. I have HABITS built. Habits that come second nature. Wonder why you can get up in the morning and go straight to brushing your teeth without thinking about it? It's called a habit. You have practiced it over and over again and now it's just something you do. This is the same for me when it comes to: exercise, balancing my plate, hydration, etc. It's second nature now and takes little to no thought. 

What I find is that people struggle in the following 4 areas: 

  • Prioritizing their day- thinking through it
  • Preparing their environment - spending a bit of time before their week starts to make their environment influence the behavior they want
  • Understanding how food + their habits affect their energy
  • Having habits built so they can focus their attention on other things 

If you are someone that is thinking "My Life is NUTS! I just don't even know where to start or how to conquer this aspect of my life"... Then my 1-on-1 coaching is for you! 

I know you are SO "on it" with everything else in your life. I want you to feel "on it" with your nutrition, exercise, and overall healthy habits to where you don't have to spend every week starting over or feeling like you are failing. 

Let’s navigate your schedule/life together and fit nutrition into it as well.

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