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Article by Kara Lyons

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Is your family prepared for the unknowns of the future? Protect your legacy with an estate plan. Without it, the government determines what happens to your assets after you pass away. The approachable experts at Lyons & Lyons Law can help create or review an estate plan to match your family’s needs, including: wills, trusts, power of attorney, advance medical directives, guardianship and more. “Everyone should have an estate plan, so we make it simple and affordable,” says Attorney Kara Lyons. “We are here to translate the legalese into everyday language.” National Estate Planning Awareness Week is October 17-23. Contact Lyons & Lyons to get your affairs in order with confidence.

Known for their approachable methods as much as their expertise in law matters, Lyons + Lyons is a family business that knows the needs of families. Make a plan today so life events do not disrupt your future. Take three simple steps to an updated estate plan to protect your family:

Start a Simple Conversation

Reach out to the experts at Lyons + Lyons. A visit to their website or a simple phone call will get the ball rolling. It all begins with a simple, confidential conversation. 

“We want your estate plan to accomplish what you need, but we don’t have to overcomplicate the process,” says Kara. “Our philosophy is to keep it simple.”

“When making a will, there are two things you have to talk about. One is your assets and the other is your mortality: two things people don’t like to talk about,” Lyons + Lyons Law Founder Rob Lyons adds. 

“These are heavy topics, but we can make it understandable,” Kara explains. “We don’t speak in Latin phrases. We like to have friendly conversations about it, so we can find out what makes sense to you.”

Make Decisions that Match Your Needs

You should be the one to decide what happens with your assets. An estate plan allows for your wishes to be known and executed. Avoid the complicated and stressful ordeal of these important decisions falling to the government. 

 “Having a plan upfront is a lot easier than having a state law determine what happens to your assets,” says Kara. “You get to name who’s in charge and who handles it.”

No two families are alike; each has different situations and different needs. Lyons & Lyons gives expert advice in everyday language.

“We really pride ourselves on making the documents that we prepare for the estate plan to be understandable, readable and concise—not leaving things to doubt, but making sure that our clients absolutely understand what’s going on,” shares Rob.

Keep it Current

Life happens: no one is immune to the passing of time and the death of loved ones, but you can make those difficult moments easier to negotiate with an estate plan. Even if you already have one, it may be time to review it. 

“Wills should be reviewed at major life events or even just every few years, because change happens quickly sometimes,” Kara explains. “Birth, illness, death, divorce, even children reaching adulthood are life events that require a change to estate plan documents.” 

“Statistics show that people on average review their wills every 19 years,” Rob says. “A lot of things can happen in 19 years. Family members move and age, relationships change…it’s important to review your plans about every three to five years,” he adds. 

National Estate Planning Awareness Week is coming October 17-23. Contact Lyons & Lyons for an appointment to get your affairs in order with confidence., 513.777.2222

8310 Princeton Glendale Road, West Chesters

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