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8 Tips For Home Sellers


Article by Rachel Kennedy

Photography by Rachel Kennedy

Getting your home ready for potential buyers requires doing just a little bit of planning and work. I recommend starting with these high priority items first.

1. Declutter: Buyers like to see ample storage and room to grow into. We always recommend filtering out 30-50% of what a seller currently has in their home. Think knick knacks, extra pots and pans, organizing closets. By doing this it will help the home appear larger and buyers will be drawn in by the potential.

2. HVAC Serviced: Hire a professional HVAC tech to service your furnace and A/C, change out the filter and run a diagnostic test. Keep the invoice to provide to your buyer once you go under contract.

3. Replace High Return Items: By upgrading certain items in the home you will appeal to a larger buyer pool which will result in more competitive offers. We recommend our clients consider; granite counter tops, new stainless steel appliances (if current appliances are more than 10 years old), new carpet and fresh paint. Just a few essential upgrades will give the home an amazing facelift and achieve a higher sales price. We love to recommend our clients take advantage of our Concierge Program to make these upgrades.

4. Roof Inspection: In Colorado roofs often become a sticking point during the contract period. Be proactive and have a licensed roofer assess the state of your roof and make any necessary repairs or start the process of filing an insurance claim. This will ensure the closing doesn’t get held up because of the claim process and will be another talking point for your agent to help achieve a higher sales price.

5. Sewer Scope: Licensed sewer techs recommend having your sewer line cleaned once every 1-2 years. Not only can a sewer line become compromised by tree roots and debris but also by Colorado’s expansive soils. Hire a licensed sewer technician to clean and diagnose the line prior to putting your home on the market. Be sure to save a copy of the scope video to provide to your buyer.

6. Boost Curb Appeal: We all know, first impressions are everything. The essentials to focus on to help boost your homes curb appeal include; fresh exterior paint or power wash, be sure to wash the patios/decks, front walk and the home itself if your exterior finish can handle the power wash. Also consider laying fresh mulch, planting flowers leading up to the front door. A nice fresh coat of paint on the front door is a sure way to instantly increase curb appeal. While you’re at it, cleaning the gutters is always a good idea!

7. Lighting: Go room by room and check each light bulb to make sure they are all working. Want to take it a step further? Replace each light bulb with an LED bulb, they give off the most amount of light, helping each room appear bright and welcoming.

8. Deep Clean: We like to spoil our clients by giving them a complimentary deep clean right before they come to market! A deep clean should include baseboard wipe down, windows washed, oven cleaning, and of course, the basics, mopping, bathrooms, etc. For bonus points, clean out and wipe the inside of your fridge, wipe down insides of drawers and sweep garage. Buyers want to feel they are receiving a fresh clean home.

Reach Rachel Kennedy of The Kennedy Home Group, Compass, at 303.547.8775, and