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Article by Courtney Evans

Photography by Courtney Evans

Embarking on a small business can be an exhilarating and potentially rewarding endeavor. Ensuring the stability of your business hinges on making intelligent financial decisions upfront, preventing potential challenges and steering clear of unforeseen debt. When discussing investments and finances, opening a business may not immediately come to mind. However, could it be a smart financial investment?

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider investing in your own business.

1.    You are entering the business world for the potential of substantial financial gains. Unlike traditional employment where one awaits a pay raise, in business, individuals can give themselves pay increases based on profits.

2.    The asset value of businesses. Business enterprises are not only valuable assets themselves but can also be measured in terms of money. This enables business owners to use the business as collateral for loans or sell it if financial assistance was ever required.

3.    The advantage of self-employment tax for entrepreneurs. The government provides waivers to encourage more people to enter business, and the Section 199A deduction allows qualifying business owners to deduct 20% of the business profits from their taxes. This is one example of many tax benefits that business owners could claim.

4.    Be your own boss, set flexible deadlines, and shape your enterprise according to your vision. Building something from scratch provides a fulfilling sense of accomplishment. It may also leave a legacy behind leading to generational wealth.

While owning a business may not be for everyone, perhaps it could be for you.

Great business professionals generally do not settle for one venture. They are always looking for the next hill to climb once the first enterprise becomes successful. Consider joining the vibrant and supportive business community of Snohomish and experience a life well lived with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the valley to support your dream. We are here for you!

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