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Dinner at Navy Beach, Montauk


Article by Avery Haberman

Photography by Avery Haberman

We often take for granted the beauty of our home until something forces us to see it. Our busy and fast moving lifestyles make us forget to take in our surroundings and appreciate them, until something forces us to slow down.

That something, brought us social distancing guidelines this summer and we were reminded to appreciate our surroundings more than usual, as we only had the choice to dine outside for many weeks.  Long Island is home to me. I loved going all over the Island to different restaurants especially those on the water. Watching the sunsets over the water while dining outside, brought me pure happiness because the views kept getting more spectacular each time. 

One restaurant in particular that I visit every summer is Navy Beach in Montauk, New York. This local gem is a must try. Not only are the views breathtaking, but diners are able to eat directly on the beach. Sit at a white picnic table or lounge on the navy and white couches as you sip on your beverage and watch the magic in the sky happen.   

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Our meal started with a Painkiller cocktail and a fresh fruit Mojito. Both were delicious and refreshing. For appetizers, we ordered the Clam + Corn Chowder with bacon, chives & basil oil, Edamame with sea salt & miso-yuzu butter and Yunnan Ribs cooked in chili, caramel, bell peppers and scallions. Not only did all of these appetizers taste amazing, they were all plated almost too perfectly to eat.

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For my entree, I ordered the Navy Burger, which was topped with perfectly melted cabot cheddar cheese, bacon onion marmalade & pickles making this by far, one of the best burgers I have come across. Of course, no burger is complete without hand-cut french fries on the side.

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After finishing up our meals, we relaxed while watching the sun set over the water. This spot is a must try while in the area. Not only will you experience a divine meal but you will have a new appreciation for the beauty of Long Island after dining here.