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Sharing Memories in Shared Spaces


Article by Gabrielle White | ML Interiors Group

Photography by Emery Davis

As the chilly season begins to breeze into the DFW Metroplex, ML Interiors Group is gearing up for a season of cozy and smart interior designs with which to “wow” their clients. By highlighting the style preferences of the client through careful color, shape, and texture selections - what “home” means to that individual is reflected in the spaces they occupy with the help of this team’s keen eye for detail.

Rich accents and bright accents of thoughtful color paired with soft textures and elegant lines create that warm, fuzzy feeling we all look for within our own homes, featured in the formal living room interior design pictured above.

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  • aefc46cf-3509-4b64-9369-b2e0680faa7a-2

Jewel tones offer stunning contrast in spaces with lighter neutral backgrounds, generating a classic nod to the more royal elements of elegance, while still maintaining a modern atmosphere. A hide rug gives a more organic feel to the entryway pictured on the left, while the glass tile backsplash makes this wet bar appear that much larger.

  • 001aa8a5-adef-4ba6-8f72-bae94bf5c61b-1
  • 001aa8a5-adef-4ba6-8f72-bae94bf5c61b-2

Natural materials and furniture pieces continue to offer a bright offset interior for the kitchen and eat-in table pictured above, lending once again to a comfortable environment for areas of the house intended for gathering. Not to mention the number of family members and friends that can be so neatly seated at various levels within the room.

  • d402177b-754e-49ab-813d-385cf9034d28-1
  • d402177b-754e-49ab-813d-385cf9034d28-2

And if your style is more streamlined? Then heavy materials and darker wood textures and black accessories act as grounding for modern designs like this one. This atmosphere somehow blends the chic angularity of the furniture pieces with the natural finishes found in the wood flooring seamlessly.

Good design tells a story. Let us tell yours.

ML Interiors Group specializes in New Construction, Decorating, Renovation and Full-Service Interior Design - all available with the greater DFW Metroplex. Give us a call today!

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