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Decorating Your Roof for Christmas


Article by Camille P

Photography by Camille P

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the tradition of decking our homes with sparkling lights, delightful decorations, and beautiful garlands. Decorating the roof is a special part of this festive ritual, but one small mistake can quickly turn our holiday cheer into an unexpected emergency. Did you know, according to the United States Consumer Safety Commission, November and December see over 12,000 visits to the emergency room, and 34% of these incidents are due to falls while decorating roofs? But don't worry! By following these tips, you can keep your home shining brightly and ensure your holidays stay merry, safe, and full of cheer.

Don’ts for Roof Decorating

Tip #1: Weather Awareness

Reserve snowy days for cozy indoor activities. Avoid decorating in adverse weather conditions, as slippery roofs and ladders pose a safety hazard. Opt for a clear, calm day to ensure both safety and ease in setting up your decorations.

Tip #2: Teamwork

Enlist a friend’s help for a safer experience. Having someone on the ground stabilizes the ladder, passes tools, and, in case of an accident, can summon assistance. Additionally, a second opinion on your display is always valuable.

Tip #3: Lightweight Decorations

Choose lightweight decorations like string lights and inflatables. Heavy items can strain your roof and pose a risk if they fall during storms. For large yet light items, use a rope to haul them up after you’ve safely ascended.

Tip #4: Modern Fasteners

Avoid nails and staples that can damage your roof. Opt for shingle clips and gutter hooks, designed to securely affix lights without causing harm to your roof or siding.

Tip #5: Moderation

While enthusiasm runs high, refrain from overwhelming your roof. Select lightweight, manageable decorations, and avoid overloading circuits to avert fire hazards. A thoughtfully arranged display ensures safety and festive charm.

 Dos for Roof Decorating

 Tip #1: Pre-Decoration Inspection

Survey your roof on a warm day, checking for damages, ice, or debris. Note measurements and electrical outlet locations for a hassle-free setup.

Tip #2: Proper Attire and Equipment

Dress appropriately in non-slip shoes and inspect outdoor-rated electrical cords. Test lights beforehand and ensure a stable ladder that is at least 3 feet taller than the roofline.

Tip #3: Strategic Placement

Carefully position decorations within the roof’s weight limits, focusing on accessible areas. Highlight the roofline or utilize focal pieces to enhance the display’s visual impact.

Tip #4: Secure Arrangements

After arranging decorations, fasten them securely using ropes or frames, especially in windy conditions, to prevent dislodging.

Tip #5: Considerate Displays

Respect your neighbors’ peace by setting timers for flashing lights or music. Ensure your decorations remain confined to your property.


Enhance Your Holiday Experience

Bring joy to your neighborhood without compromising safety. Follow these guidelines to create a stunning and safe holiday display. At Georgia Roof Advisors, we understand the essence of a safe and joyful holiday season. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you suspect your roof has sustained damage due to decorating. Years of placing decorations on your roof may lead to potential damages that need attention. For professional roofing services or a thorough inspection, reach out to us at (678)-757-3477. Let’s ensure your holiday celebrations remain merry and your roof stays in top condition!

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