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Kansas City offers many shopping options when searching for furniture. Regardless of the style you want, Kansas City has a store that sells it. Your home should reflect your personality and style. The furnishings you choose will be the basis of a welcoming and comfortable home. 

Finding Furniture Stores in Kansas City

There are a multitude of furniture retailers in Kansas City. Some stores are owned and operated by local families giving shoppers in the Kansas City area the opportunity to support local business owners. There are also many boutiques in the area.

You may know precisely the piece you want, or you may find shopping for furniture an overwhelming task. Some stores have designers on hand to help you with your selection. Bring the lazy boy of the family along on the shopping trip to check for comfort. 

Searching for Discount Furniture Stores in Kansas City

If you are working with a tight budget, there are plenty of places selling inexpensive home and discount office furniture. Discount furniture is an excellent option for first apartments, rental units, vacation homes, and temporary locations. New and non-profit businesses benefit from purchasing discount furniture. Discount does not mean poor quality. 

Shopping for Your Home Rooms Furniture

Furnishing an entire home at one time can be a daunting task. Start your search at larger stores, where you can browse for many rooms at the same time. Larger furniture retailers will have everything from bedroom sets and kitchen tables to patio furniture and home office furniture. Buying several pieces at once may help cut down delivery costs. 

Shopping for Specific Home Rooms Furniture

You may want a consistent style and accent color to flow throughout your space, or you may want each room to be self-contained. The blueprint of your home may lend itself to one choice or the other.

Some households prefer to have a formal dining room with ornate and upholstered dining room furniture. 

Houses with two sitting rooms may have an informal family room and a more formal living room. Traditionally, the living room furniture was more expensive than the family room furniture. Many people use their living room regularly, not just when they are entertaining guests, so the couches and chairs are less formal and more comfortable.

Some homes have a finished basement or 'game room' meant to be a space for kids and pets. Children and animals migrate to the most comfortable furniture. The game room furniture needs to be comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Whatever you call the room, keep the function in mind when buying furniture. 

Choosing Patio Furniture

Increase your living space by creating a comfortable outdoor room. Add a seating area or dining area you can use during the warmer weather months. There are many outdoor patio furniture options, from bars and dining tables to lounge chairs, gliders, and fire pits.

The size of the patio, deck, or balcony will determine how much furniture you can buy. If your outdoor space has a roof or is under trees, you may not need a sun umbrella, but you will need a screen on any fire pit you purchase. Your grandmother's wrought iron bench wasn't that comfortable so consider buying something with cushions.

Locating Office Furniture in KC

Kansas City has many office furniture stores. For large office spaces, visit a commercial office furniture Kansas City store. Retailers dedicated to office furniture are more likely to provide you with the quantity you need promptly. Some office furniture stores sell new, used, and refurbished office furniture, giving you many options in the same location. 

Ordering Custom Furniture in Kansas City

If you can't find a piece that fits in that corner or nook, or don't like the look of the current mass-produced choices, consider ordering custom made furniture. If you aren't in a rush, this is a feasible option. Customizing fabrics and finishes gives you many more options and allows you to design your pieces. Another option is ordering custom leather furniture.

Some carpentry businesses provide custom high- end wood furnishings for home or office. The quality of custom wood pieces often exceeds the quality of mass-produced furniture. 

Discovering Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture refers to anything more than 20 years old. There are several vintage stores in the Kansas City area. Some vintage clothing stores also have a few pieces of small furniture scattered around the selling floor. The terms "retro," "vintage," and "mid-century" are often used interchangeably.

Buying from vintage and second-hand stores allows you to create the period or eclectic look you want. Check hours before you go. Some vintage and antique destinations are only open on the First Friday weekends.

Using Antique Furniture Appraisers in Kansas City

Many quirky antique stores call Kansas City home. If you aren't positive about what you are looking for, but know you love antiques, try visiting one of the many antique malls in the Kansas City area. Antique malls feature stalls run by different, independent vendors. Prices may be more reasonable because the vendors have less overhead. Vendors specialize in different niches, and you get to see them all under one roof. Only buy pieces you love because there is no guarantee the market value of an antique will increase.

You may find a piece of antique furniture in fair condition. If time permits, contact an antique furniture restoration expert before purchasing your selection to make sure restoration is feasible.

When you know which piece you want, call an independent appraiser to determine if the price is fair. If you can't find that unique piece you have in mind, contact the Extreme Antique Hunters and ask for help with your search. 

Seeking Modern Furniture 

Whether you are seeking danish modern, modern contemporary, or mid-century modern furniture Kansas City has it. There is a store selling what you want. Some sellers overlap inventory, so a vintage store may also have a few antiques. Danish modern and mid-century modern pieces boast quality materials and artistry.

Round tapered legs on mid-century modern pieces work well in small rooms. The minimalist nature of Danish Modern reduces the visual busyness of a place. Some current manufacturers produce mid-century modern reproductions, which may be a good option if you are in a hurry or need several pieces. Whether you are searching for a coffee table, or furniture for the entire house, there are some great options in Kansas City.

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