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Article by Emily Mobley

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Did you know our food is scientifically engineered to make you want to eat more of it? 

Companies spend millions of dollars to come up with flavors, ingredients, and refine the foods sitting on our store shelves in boxes, bags, etc. 

Sugar + Salt + Fat = flavor enhancers

This is why you can eat a whole bag of Cheetos/Doritos/m & m's etc.

Low fiber + Low nutrient density +Low protein = not feeling fullness 

Small "volume" = you not feeling fullness 

These foods take less time to chew your food. Think about it... you can chew a Ruffle potato chip within 10 seconds but try doing that with a whole carrot. This means you are expending less energy when you are eating them... which allows you to eat more.

When we understand how food makes us FEEL and when we truly reflect and are mindful of what we are doing, then we can make ourselves feel more satisfied off our meals/snacks. 

  • Not overeat like crazy
  • Help our body have fewer crazy cravings
  • Balance our fun foods with things we know are satisfying

I want you to do an experiment…

Eat 10 cheez-its + 10 m & m's and see how you feel. Do you want to keep eating more? Do you feel satisfied? 


Eat 10 baby carrots + 10 slices of apple and see how you feel... Do you want to keep eating more? Are you satisfied? 

I am by no means saying you need to live in the all-or-nothing and get rid of the "fun" but I want you to stop and think about what food am I choosing a majority of the time? Am I choosing things that are leading me to want to overeat, or am I choosing things that are scientifically engineered to make me lose "self-control" around it? 

  • It's not your lack of willpower
  • It's not that you are a failure
  • It's that companies want you to want to eat more, to buy their product....

My advice to you is to prep your environment for the week with EASY whole food items that you can resort to the majority of the time! Does this sound daunting? Then just start with ONE Thing. 

Need ideas of what to prep? Sign up for my Gray30 program HERE

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