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Freedom from Pain with MSTR®

Article by Cyndi George

Photography by Christine Lowell Photography

Do scars hold you back from living the life you deserve? Is chronic pain restricting your mobility and vitality? At Cynshine® Wellness Studio, we believe that scars should never define your quality of life. Do you know that scar tissue runs deep and even on the tiniest of scars and oldest of scars sometimes, so it is no wonder the body hurts and has trouble moving.

Unmasking the Power of MSTR®

The innovative McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release, known as MSTR®, is the key to unlocking a life free of pain and movement limitations. MSTR® addresses the underlying scar tissue, the hidden culprit behind many painful movement issues. It is a revolutionary technique that rejuvenates your body by erasing chronic pain and restoring mobility.

Pain Relief: A Gift from MSTR®

Imagine waking up without the nagging pain that has become a constant companion. MSTR® makes this a reality. It reaches deep into your body, gently releasing scar tissue and the discomfort it brings. All scars are a trauma to the body and scar tissue can restrict movement hindering daily activities.  Imagine waking up without the nagging pain that has become a constant companion. MSTR® makes this a reality. It reaches deep into your body, gently releasing scar tissue and the discomfort it brings. Clients with any type of scars can benefit from MSTR®, including keloid, hypertrophic, normotrophic, keyhole, epidural, amputations, and contractures jus to name a few. MSTR® also helps scars that do not come from surgery, such as muscle pulls and tears, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and overused muscles that leave trigger points, and, of course, scars from surgical procedures like c-sections, endometriosis surgery, gall bladder, hysterectomy, mastectomy, back surgery, hip, knee, and shoulder replacements, and even the scar from when you were 5 years old and needed stitches from jumping on the bed. MSTR is the non-invasive answer, and it works every time!

Enhanced Mobility: Your Ticket to Freedom

Restricted movement does not have to be your story. With MSTR®, we focus on addressing the underlying scar tissue that might be limiting your mobility. You can regain your ability to move with ease, whether it is getting back to your favorite sport, daily activities, or just enjoying a pain-free walk in the park.

Renewed Vitality: Live Life to the Fullest

Your vitality is waiting to be reclaimed. MSTR® can help you embrace life fully. Clients who have undergone MSTR® treatments at Cynshine® Pilates & Integrated Movement Center, have experienced a renewal of their zest for life, discovering newfound energy and freedom.

Take the First Step to Transformation

If you would like to learn more, please reach out or visit If you would like to schedule with Cyndi simply Click the following link: $50 off your initial evaluation.  Not in the Gilbert AZ area? Not a problem, we have 1000 practitioners in the world. Reach out and I will find someone near you!

Upcoming courses:

Instructors and Therapists please view the upcoming courses so you can empower your clients and patients with guaranteed results!

Friday November 10th in Gilbert AZ $285 and the course earns 7 CEC's from NCBTMB click here to register: Course comes with pre-course work so register early! MSTR Nov 19th 9-5

Friday and Saturday December 1st and 2nd - $429 a hybrid online course. This is a special class specifically for Therapists working with clients living with Neurological Conditions. This is a 2-part class that will dive deeper into how scar tissue affects movement patterns in these populations and how the NeuroStudio® strategies and MSTR® provides the missing component for success! Course comes with pre-course work so register early! Click here to register: NeuroMovement MSTR® Course

Cyndi George MSc. is one of 4 Instructors in the US and one of 25 International Instructors of the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® Technique. She teaches this modality both online and in person for therapists all over the world. She owns and operated Cynshine® Pilates & Integrated Movement Center in Gilbert AZ. When not training she works with clients with mobility issues due to surgery or neurological conditions and those wanting to improve their strength and mobility and range of motion.

Thie video is one of Cyndi's clients after 1 treatment of MSTR® from knee surgery.

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