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The Art of Listening to Your Body

Maximizing Foam Rolling and Self-Massage

Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Anna Shvets

In the realm of physical therapy and self-care, tools like lacrosse balls and foam rollers have become staples for addressing muscle tightness and discomfort. However, a common question arises: How long should one use these tools for optimal results? At R3 Physio, located in Keller, we encourage a shift from watching the clock to tuning into the body’s responses.

Feeling, Not Timing

Traditional guidelines may suggest a set duration for foam rolling or using a lacrosse ball, but we believe in a more intuitive approach. The key is to listen to your body’s cues and allow them to guide your session. When a muscle releases its tension, it’s a signal to move on, not the ticking of a clock.

Building Body Awareness

This method does more than just relieve tight spots; it cultivates a deeper awareness of your body’s needs and responses. By focusing on how your body feels during self-massage, you develop a keen sense of what works best for you, leading to more effective and personalized self-care routines.

Practical Tips for Enhanced Self-Care

1. Start Slow: Begin with gentle pressure and gradually increase as you become more attuned to your body’s signals.

2. Focus on Feel: Pay attention to the sensations under the tool. When the intensity diminishes, it’s an indication that the muscle is relaxing.

3. Explore: Don’t limit yourself to just the known tight spots. Explore surrounding areas to ensure a comprehensive release.


Incorporating tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls into your wellness routine should be a mindful practice, guided by the wisdom of your own body. At R3 Physio in Keller, we’re dedicated to helping our clients develop this essential skill, leading to more empowered and effective self-care.

If you’re ready to elevate your approach to physical wellness and learn to listen to what your body is telling you, reach out to us. Let’s embark on a journey toward holistic health together.

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