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What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent brow treatment that helps you achieve fuller, sleeker, defined brows. In short, brow lamination fixes your brow in place and adds volume to thin brows. This treatment lasts for about 6 weeks and couples nicely with a brow tinting service.

How Does the Process Work? 

After your initial consultation, a softening solution is applied to the brows. This solution enters the strand of hair and softens them until the hair becomes pliable. Once the hair is softened, you will work with your lash artist to shape the brow hair into your desired shape.

A second solution is then applied. This solution re-hardens (or sets) the brow hairs so that they stay in the direction they were placed. The final step nourishes the treated brow hairs to ensure that they remain healthy. Your lash artist will also send you with a small vial of brow oil to apply to help keep your brows soft and looking full!

And we love how customizable this service is for our clients. With a brow brush, you can create a full brow look one day, and a more sleek, straight brow the next!

Who Benefits from Brow Lamination? 

Anyone who struggles to get their brows to lay the way they want them to! At Deka Lash, we will work with you to shape the brow to stay in your desired shape.

Additionally, this service is great for brows that have been over-waxed or over-plucked in the past and do not grow back. This service is also great for those with naturally thin brows because we can use the lamination to shape the brows in a way that can camouflage the lack of hair or sparseness.

What Is the After-Care for Brow Lamination?

After the service, remain dry for 24 hours. This is very important because getting them wet will reverse the lamination.

After the 24-hour wait has passed, brow lamination after-care is a breeze! You will be provided an after-care oil with your service. Apply a small amount of the oil in the morning and comb through them to maintain your desired shape!

Love your brows? Make sure to book with your favorite lash artist for 6 weeks out. Our artists’ schedules fill up fast, so pre-booking is highly recommended!

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