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Coffee with Benefits?


Article by Karen Kwong

Photography by Karen Kwong & Provided

Everyone knows that I am a camera and coffee kind of girl. My Facebook group is called "Karen's Camera & Coffee Lounge". Unfortunately, this camera and coffee girl has IBS and mild GERD issues. Regardless I am often told to eliminate caffeine from my diet, I am not willing to give up coffee yet. For many years, I have been researching "functional" coffee that I am able to enjoy without triggering the discomforts caused by IBS and GERD. Through the research I discovered various brands of coffee that claim to have added nutrients and benefits, and sound like a great idea for people with busy lifestyle.

I tried quite some of them but was disappointed with the change in flavor. It seems to be a common problem - not only they lost the coffee aroma that I am attached to, some even have a strange after taste; and many are too strong for my sensitive digestive system.

About a month ago, I received a warm message from one of my former NYU classmates Brent Dilts. Brent shared with me exciting news about his new business endeavor, the launch of a company called Fit Grinds that offers "Coffee with Benefits". That instantly got my interest. I shared with Brent my experience on researching those functional coffees and how I have been quite disappointed with the loss in great coffee taste. Brent told me they are very aware of this concern and actually have spent a lot of efforts making sure their coffee retain those favorable flavors by coffee lovers.

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Above: Brent Dilts (left) and Dr. Robert Silverman (right), Fit Grinds Co-founders

Fit Grinds was cofounded by Brent Dilts and his longtime friend Dr. Robert Silverman. As a national and international speaker on healthy living, Dr. Rob understands that while many people are eager to embrace healthier foods, their goal is challenging to implement. He wanted to be able to recommend one easy thing that would help put people on the path to a better lifestyle. Together with Brent, they decided that coffee would be a delicious way to start.

After all, coffee is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed beverages in the world. It’s an essential part of the day for millions of people. We realized that adding important nutrients to coffee, without affecting the taste, would make a daily cup of coffee into something that automatically helps improve your health.
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Fit Grinds' mission is to improve your health through better coffee while providing fair-paying jobs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their shade-grown coffee, free of toxins and pesticides, comes directly from small organic farms in Central and South America. Their coffee is also fair trade, which ensures that the farmers are paid fair prices for their beans. Believing strongly in giving back, they are partnering with their coffee roaster to create jobs for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Our roaster was founded with the specific purpose of providing jobs to those with disabilities, and with our partnership we will attempt to greatly increase the number of opportunities for members of this important community by creating jobs ranging from roasting, to grinding, to packaging, to delivery, as well as homebased microbusinesses for those unable to work outside of the home.

Fit Grinds currently offers four varieties: Multi Collagen, Focus, Pre + Probiotic, and Original. All varieties are with certified organic fair trade coffee, 100% mountain-grown Arabica from growing region near Medellín, Colombia, as a base; and medium roasted at the time of your order.

Their Multi Collagen coffee is infused with grass-fed U.S. sourced non-GMO collagen (type I & III) and cage-free non-GMO collagen (type II). Each serving gives you 3.75 grams hydrolyzed collagen. It supports a healthy gut, skin, nails, and joints.

Their Focus coffee is infused with nootropics. Each serving gives you 100 mg L-theanine, 250 mg alpha GPC, and 500 mg taurine. It supports enhanced focus and memory.

Their Pre + Probiotic is infused with prebiotics and probiotics. Each serving gives you 1 gram prebiotic PreticX™ and 10 mg (1 bn CFU) probiotic bacillus subtilis. It supports a healthy gut, improves digestion, and is good for general health and immune support.

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I chose to try the Pre + Probiotic first because of my sensitive digestive system. Brent did inform me that their coffee is not acid free or reduced acid, and it might take a while to feel the benefits of the Pre + Probiotic.

Just as what it says: the added nutrients do not change their coffee's great taste. The aroma is pretty strong and the texture is very smooth. It doesn't upset my stomach or make my GERD worse. I have been on it for nearly two and a half weeks now and it does seem to help relieve my IBS symptoms, and I haven't had major GERD flare ups.

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Fit Grinds' website is packed with valuable information. They are transparent about the added nutrients and say right upfront what the nutritional additives are and what they can do – and cite the research studies to prove it. They share many informative resources such health and wellness blog, brew techniques, and recipes. As someone who recently started keto diet, I find their article "Helping Women Succeed with the Keto Diet" very helpful. I also tried their "Keto Coffee" recipe using the Pre + Probiotic coffee instead of the Multi Collagen coffee. It is delicious!

I really love Fit Grinds' concepts from all dimensions. My next step is to try the Multi Collagen coffee. To be honest, what girl doesn't want beautiful skin and nails? While I might forget to take my daily supplements, I would never forget to drink my daily cup of coffee. It is a brilliant idea to combine the two and it actually could cost much less than buying organic coffee and those supplements separately. And most importantly, by adding all these great benefits, it doesn't sacrifice on the taste.

You can learn more about Fit Grinds by visiting their website and following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Ready to shop your "coffee with benefits"? Click here to get started!

Information regarding Fit Grinds and their products are taking from Fit Grinds' website. Individual Pre + Probiotic coffee picture is taken by Karen. Other pictures are provided by Brent.