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3 Podcasts That Address Anxiety


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Kate Baxendale

Anxiety can be an embarrassing and overwhelming obstacle. If you've suffered in silence long enough—or if anxiety is new to you—these podcasts featuring hosts who have personally experienced anxiety themselves can be a comforting and helpful resource. Give them a listen and see if their stories and advice can make a difference in your life.

Anxiety Slayer

Hosts Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer created Anxiety Slayer in 2009 with the hopes of engaging with people who experience stress and anxiety. Episodes feature conversations with experts in the field to support listeners and provide supportive advice for stress relief.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Gina Ryan, the host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, struggled with anxiety, panic and agoraphobia for 20 years until she was able to find her own relief. With her background in nutrition, meditation and prayer, Gina is able to help listeners with their personal battles with anxiety.

Calmer You

Host Chloe Bretheridge is a hypnotherapist, coach and author of two books who struggled with severe panic attacks and social anxiety. On the Calmer You podcast, she shares her experience with overcoming her anxiety in the hopes of helping others achieve inner peace.