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The Heart of a Hero


Article by Gretchen Grey

Photography by Gretchen Grey

Raised in Athens, Georgia, and brought up as a southern gentleman, serving and protecting others was instilled in Grady Brain from a very young age. Grady spent time as a young boy listening to his grandfather's stories of Pearl Harbor. Being the son and grandson of men that had served our country in the military, Grady followed family tradition and joined the Army at the age of 24. 

After six years in active duty and six years in special forces, with the passion and desire to serving something bigger than oneself Grady lived out his goal in many ways through his experiences during those 12 years. Time in Nigeria and time working in the intelligence community prepared him as once again in his drive for excellence. He pushed himself to yet another milestone seeking his Bachelor's, Master's, and ultimately his Executive MBA from Cornell University. 

With an incredible resume and impeccable education, Grady was surprised that it took a year to find a job in corporate America. As with many things that happen in our lives, the challenges are often where we find our most significant level of inspiration. In 2015 Grady was introduced to the JDog brand, inspired by their mission to help veterans transition into a non-military job and lifestyle. Grady knew from his personal experience how challenging this had been for him; once again, his passion for serving came into play. In 2019 the pieces came together for Grady along with his two business partners to open JDog Junk Removal in Athens, Georgia.

JDog fulfills its company mission for not only its employees but to their clients as well.  I could hear the passion in his voice as Grady explained his experience working with his customers. "It's not just about junk removal; it is about helping people take the next step in their lives. Many times when we show up, we are hauling away or moving things that made milestone memories in people's lives. Maybe it a big dining room table that was in grandma's house that everyone sat at for Sunday dinner, or all the wood that is the only thing left of Dad's tool shed. Our guys know how hard transition has impacted our own lives. These experiences allow us to be compassionate and understanding as we offer our heart of service to our customers. Meeting people in their place of need is what it is all about for my team and me." 

It is inspiring to see someone who desires to serve his fellow countryman has re-crafted that passion in so many ways. Especially with the impact his company is having on our community. I hope the next time you need something hauled away or moved, you will pick up the phone or go online and reach out to Grady and the team at JDog!

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