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Meet Steve Nikorak


Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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Meet the Co-Owner of Zoned Sports Academy: Steve Nikorak

In the heart of Bridgewater, NJ, stands Zoned Sports Academy, a beacon for young athletes aspiring to reach new heights in baseball and softball. At the helm is Steve Nikorak, a man whose life story is a testament to the love of the game and the relentless pursuit of dreams. As Zoned Sports Academy eyes expansion towards the Basking Ridge area, we dive into the life of its co-owner, a figure of inspiration for aspiring athletes and a guide for parents navigating their children’s sporting aspirations.

Steve Nikorak's journey is as inspiring as it is instructive. Having grown up in Stroudsburg, PA, Steve's childhood dream was always clear: to play professional baseball. Though his career concluded in 2016, his passion for the game found a new outlet. Partnering with Duke Baxter in 2018, Steve has been a pivotal figure at Zoned Sports Academy since he first walked through its doors as a trainee in 2004 and later joining the workforce in 2012. With a degree in Entrepreneurship from Temple University, Steve's transition from athlete to co-owner is a story of adapting, learning, and thriving.

The philosophy at Zoned Sports Academy is simple yet profound: growth mindset. Steve emphasizes the importance of never settling and always striving for more. "Continue to grow & learn each day," Steve advises, highlighting the importance of surrounding oneself with industry leaders and a supportive community that fosters personal and professional growth.

A typical day for Steve begins with a morning workout, an essential routine that primes him for the day ahead, embodying the discipline and commitment he hopes to instill in the young athletes he mentors. His vision for Zoned Sports Academy extends beyond its physical confines. Steve aspires to inspire as many young student-athletes as possible, whether through expanding their facilities or enhancing their online presence.

At Zoned, the focus is people-first. Steve and his team pride themselves on creating a family-like atmosphere, where each customer is valued, and smiles are as much a part of the training as the rigorous workouts. This approach extends to their coaching staff as well, carefully chosen not just for their skill but for their ability to connect, teach, and inspire the next generation.

Steve's commitment to growth, learning, and competition drives Zoned Sports Academy forward. Each year, the academy looks to expand its knowledge, technology, and reach, all while maintaining a competitive edge that ensures top-notch instruction and coaching for its athletes.

Reflecting on his journey, Steve acknowledges the lessons learned along the way, especially the importance of listening, valuing customer feedback, and focusing on what truly matters: the success and development of the athletes they train. Beyond the field, Steve finds balance and joy in golf, skiing, and participating in the NYC Marathon, showcasing the importance of passion and dedication in all aspects of life.

For the sport-focused moms of Basking Ridge and beyond, Steve Nikorak's story and the ethos of Zoned Sports Academy offer more than just training for young athletes. They present a blueprint for growth, discipline, and success, encouraging young talents to chase their dreams with the same fervor and commitment that Steve has exemplified throughout his career. As Zoned Sports Academy looks to welcome more families into their fold, they stand ready to nurture the next generation of baseball and softball stars, guided by values that transcend the sport itself.

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