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This Gift Guide Knows No Bounds


Article by Stacy Conde

Photography by Provided

Some of the best goodies aren't sold in a storefront. So this year, while we are doing just about everything from home, why not let this be the year that you give the most badass, unique gifts? Because you don't have to settle for what the mall has on offer. Catch a wave on the worldwide web and shop it out.

For the Self-Care Queen

Quarantine has robbed us of our glam squad. I haven't had a manicure, facial or massage in more than 251 days. It's a new record that I'm not happy about. We're all doing our very best to keep it cute at home. Here are some mama's-little-helpers.

  1. Fiddlefish Bergamot Chamomile Soy Candle, $30
  2. Flora + Fungi Self Care Set #2, $22
  3. Honest Company Fuzzy Headband, $14.99
  4. Tea Drops Best Tea Gift Set, $14

For the Work Horse

There is not an office chair comfortable enough for the amount of time spent sitting, nor a contact that can make my eyes read a written page from a reasonable distance. Thank the middle-age hipster goddesses for Caddis Readers. I'd been unsuccessfully flirting with readers for years. Caddis has made its eye appliances (the company's genius lingo; I can't take credit) so cool, that I want them for all my moods (art girl doing math, wackadoodle auntie running errands, rock chick with no concert to go to).

  1. Caddis D28 Readers, $95
  2. Nikki McClure 2021 "Expand: How We Intersect Is Community" Calendar, $20
  3. Field Notes "United States of Letterpress" notebook set, $12.95
  4. Nick Cave Pencils with Quotes – because there's no pencil like a Nick Cave pencil 12GBP

For the Foodie

After all the bread-baking and CSA farm boxes lost their Martha Stewart luster, did you start to resent cooking at home? I know I'm not alone here. Another day, another bunch of food I need to eat to stay alive. Boring. Supporting local restaurants with takeout has saved my sanity. Let's keep doing that, but we can also give home cooking another shot.

  1. Curio Spice Co. Culinary Essentials Gift Set, $30
  2. Bob Dornberger cheese board, $45
  3. DaVero Farms & Winery Discover the Farm Virtual Tasting, $75
  4. Stacey Malasky Echinacea Tea Towel, $24
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For the Funky Fashionista

I actually said yesterday, "I need to find a pair of winter joggers." I've never worn so much athleisure. I weep for the Vivienne Westwood dress that I bought in February and still has the tags on it. There will be a time when we'll have a reason to put on actual clothes again. We'll go to four-walled places with people in them, and it will be good. It's just going to be a while yet. Until then, let's work on our post-COVID debutant wardrobe.

  1. MiiN Ruffled Faux leather high-neck collar, $280
  2. Clare V. Grande Fanny Natural w/Eyes, $325
  3. P448 Louise White Glass Platform Sneaker, $119.20
  4. Adele Mildred Peggy Sunglasses, 225GBP
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