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Tips on Maintaining Your Appliances


Article by Jim's Appliance, Boise

Photography by Jim's Appliance & Furniture

People take their appliances and electronics for granted more than anything else in their home. We use these items on a daily basis, and many people are completely unaware of how to maintain them. This can result in costly breakdowns or a serious decrease in the overall life of your appliances.

Prolonging the Life of Appliances

Some of the most used appliances in the home include things like your washer and dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and even your oven. Each of these are used for very different purposes, but they undergo a lot of wear and tear.

Read your manuals carefully, and make sure you're not over- or under-using your appliances. It's also very important to keep them extremely clean and to pay special attention to the mechanical components.

Appliances will last much longer if you call in a professional on occasion to perform a checkup.

Caring for Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is an absolute necessity. It keeps your food cool and stops the growth of bacteria. If the refrigerator is not working appropriately, you'll see spoiled food and run the risk of contamination.

It's important to make sure the door on your refrigerator is shutting all the way each time you close it. You also need to set the temperature of your refrigerator to a setting that doesn't cause it to work harder than it has to.

Treating Your Washer and Dryer Gently

Laundry is another chore that needs to be done on a daily basis. For larger families, it's important to remember to do smaller loads and to pay special attention to the amount of water you're using.

Always research appliances before purchasing. It's also a good idea to consistently clean out your washer and dryer, and to make sure it's free of lint and mildew.

When to Buy New Appliances

Most appliances can be fixed by a licensed technician. Take steps to purchase a new appliance if you've had it looked at and there's absolutely no chance of fixing it, or if the appliance is no longer able to perform the task you need it to do.

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