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Mother Nature Knows Best


Article by Japheth (Jae) Pizarro

Photography by Provided

It’s a fact! Humans needs three things in order to survive. We need clean food, clean water, and clean air. Of those three essential factors which would you say is the most important? If you are anything like me when I first was asked this question one word came to mind. I thought food of course, but our lungs would disagree.

Generally, humans appear to be capable of surviving without any food for 30-40 days, as long as they are properly hydrated and typically only last three to four days without water. However, the average person cannot go more than about 3 minutes without oxygen. What are you doing to breathe clean air today? Is that a priority? It was for me when I first learned that I could wash the air in my home and business, quickly and efficiently. When we want something truly clean in our life; Our car, our dishes, our dogs, kids and ourselves, we all have to use one thing. We use water and so does Mother Nature when she cleans the air we breathe outside our home. In order to deliver clean and sanitized fresh air I choose to use a water-method based air purifier and home cleaning system as opposed to traditional dry filtered methods. Taking control of the quality of the air I was taking into my lungs has changed my life. 

We all see the invading particles floating in the air as the sun’s rays come beaming through your kitchen window and onto your breakfast table and today more then ever the safety of what’s in our air is in question. We are all living in a time where the quality and safety of the air we breathe literally brought our country to a slow trot as a precaution. The effects of clean air versus contaminated air can be seen in so many ways across this great nation but what are we doing about it? This is an especially important question to answer as we consider how much more time we are spending indoors in some capacity. Whether or not it is it is the right time for your family all comes down to how important clean healthy air is for your family right now.

Our home and work are two important places that are merging to become one and the same for a lot of us who have the means, while for those who must brave the new post-COVID workplace or school environment the question of what is brought home is worrisome. Rainbow-Fresh Air gives us a certified asthma and allergy friendly environment free of particulate and allergens that trigger respiratory issues. Along with its very popular Fresh Air solution, Rainmate IL units and fragrances you can Clean, Sanitize, Deodorize, Aromatize, and Vaporize an entire home or public space all at once.

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