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Are you a Weight Watcher Victim?


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

I am going to guess 80% of my clients have done Weight Watchers! Have you?

You have counted your points, lost a bunch of weight, but once you stopped going to the meetings and tracking you gained it all back plus some?! Have you fallen victim to this?

Okay so here's the thing...

Weight Watchers is not a long-term solution. Weight Watchers want you to have quick results because what happens when you have quick results? You tell all your friends about it, and you market it like crazy for them which gets them more business…

This is all done at the expense of your own health, and they are just throwing you into a “vicious fad diet cycle”! 

The "Vicious" Fad Diet Cycle...

  • Drop calories like crazy.
  • Lose "weight"... aka muscle, water, fat...
  • Lose a bunch of muscle = slower metabolism (less calorie burn your body does on own)
  • You stop eating in a large calorie deficit/can't sustain the method...
  • Body no longer burns calories as efficiently because of loss of muscle.
  • You easily gain back weight.
  • You start a diet all over again - with having to be more restrictive!

Remember what you do to lose the weight you will have to do for the rest of your life! Say that 10x over to yourself!!! 

Here is what you should be doing:

  • Focus not just on calories but where your calories are coming from (carbs, protein, fats)
  • Focus on optimizing your metabolism by going slow and steady with results… Understanding quick weight loss is not fat loss nor sustainable.
  • Figuring out how to fit fun foods in your nutrition plan and not feel guilt for enjoying something "higher in calories".
  • Fuel your body with adequate calories to help sustain muscle if not gain muscle.
  • Focus on exercise to build muscle! 
  • Stop being so scale focused! 

Before you walk back into another crash diet... I want you to ask yourself…

Do I want to have to diet all over again 6 months to a year from now because I can't sustain my results, or do I want to find a forever solution?

If you are thinking “Gosh I need to find the forever solution and get myself out of this fad diet cycle!” … DM me on Instagram or any questions? Email me at:

I would love to have a chat and help you out! 

Talk soon!