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Happy Snacking: Grazing KC’s 3 Steps


Article by Chelsey Modde

Photography by Grazing KC

There's just something charming about the casual elegance of a perfectly plated charcuterie board. Enjoying multiple flavors that work together to create an overall taste — and not to mention a beautiful aesthetic — feels indulgent, regardless of where you are dining. 

But creating a snack that doubles as a centerpiece? Turns out it’s not an easy task to make something that’s as visually pleasing as it is tasty. 

Enter Sarah Juenemann: the creative force behind Grazing KC. 

A Kansas City local, she launched her business creating handcrafted, customizable grazing boards in 2019 with connection and community in mind. 

“My inspiration came from pairing my passion for food and fellowship. I love things that connect people... and what's better than food?”

She’s known throughout the metro for the fun details and stunning designs she puts together in the form of snacking. And whether you prefer a savory spread or a sweet treat, her swoon-worthy boards add a finishing touch to just about every occasion. 

“I get to use my creativity and personalize each graze board to make events one-of-a-kind. Graze boards become the centerpiece in gathering people together and create a wow-factor.”
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Sarah is sharing three steps to create your own board as you prepare to gather and graze: 

Step One - Build Out the Base: 

Sarah says start with the basics: cheese, charcuterie, and crackers.

Step Two - Shop Fresh and Local:

“There's nothing like farmers market fruit and my neighborhood chocolate shop.”

Step Three - Add a Personal Touch:

“Fill it in with the goodies you personally love. Whether it's flowers from your garden or a special bowl from your grandma, add it to make your perfect graze.”

...and voila! 

Of course, if you’d prefer to leave it to the pros, Sarah specializes in working with customers to bring their vision to life.

“I'll do the prep so you can enjoy the party.” 

She also hosts workshops and private lessons throughout Kansas City if you’d like a firsthand guide to grazing (a quick tip though, those do sell out fast so watch for date announcements). You can head to her Instagram page, @grazingkc, or send her an email,, for details. 

Happy snacking!

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