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What  Your Decor Color Says About You


Article by Karen Mills

Photography by 29 Pixel Studios, LLC, Stock

Did you know that your favorite color gives experts insight into your personality type? As an interior designer who's been in over 1,200 homes I can get an immediate sense of someone's personality just by looking at the styles and colors of clothing in their closet or by walking through their home interior when we first meet.

You may be wondering how that's possible, but all of us experience color in different ways as we progress through life creating a unique color story that's all our own. Lea Eiseman, the world's leading color expert and a regular guest on my former design show Living Large, shared why that's true in one of her renowned color books, "...much of color knowledge is based on instinctive responses, cultural conditioning, and those aspects of color that we seem to absorb without much conscious thought." Read on to gain insight about your favorite color, what it says about you, and ideas for injecting that color into your home's interior. 


If you love red like I do you live life to the fullest with a passion and intensity that others don't possess. You're exciting, daring, and spontaneous, but also have an inner drive to excel at everything you do. So how does that color translate into an interior design? The color red that we associate with blood, instantly raises your blood pressure and grabs your attention so remember that a little bit goes a long way in a room! 

In this great room orange red pillows and flowers pop against the white sofa creating an exciting tension and bold contrast, while the custom blue draperies we designed introduce a secondary color that's cooler and more restful.

Alternately, soft pink lovers tend to be charming, peace loving, and romantic types who carry some of the same traits as the red/bright pink.


An extension of sky and water, blue exudes stability and calm making it a perfect color for bedrooms or other areas where you want to unwind and relax. Lovers of this color tend to be dependable, responsible citizens who do the right thing. No wonder blue still remains the favorite color of men!

In this close up photo of a family room we designed, a watery blue pillow and candle join forces with rustic beach elements - a shell and rope - to create a wonderful ocean vibe in this space. 


Yellow like a ray of sunshine portrays warmth, cheerfulness, and optimism making it a wonderful hue for a cheery kitchen, sunny living area, or any interior lacking sunshine and warmth. Huge fans of yellow are optimistic, warm, and playful, while also being inquisitive and encouraging to others. 


As an orange enthusiast you share an enthusiastic zest for life, outgoing personality, sense of humor, bright outlook, and longing for adventure. Orange, known as the color of hunger, fits perfectly into a dining room or kitchen eat in area where you need some energy or more life. But that's not all as you can see in this foyer where we sourced an original Mattini painting and pulled out the orange hue as as the main accent color on our custom designed rug, original ceramic art piece, and flowers, while also repeating a golden hue from the art on the wool rug and and handmade chevron wallpaper to add more interest.



Green, the color of nature exudes calmness and warmth, which makes it a great color for bedrooms or spaces where you need a more relaxed feel like a sun room, den, or library.  Enthusiastic fans of green are usually warm, kind, and charitable people who like to give back to their communities. Green fans also bring stability and loyalty as additional attributes.

Here in this stunning foyer we designed that was featured in the international Design Icons book, we repeated the blue green plates with branches overlaid on the white shelves to create a dramatic but also calm entrance into this third floor foyer aptly named The Flat after our client's London home.


A complex and creative type of individual, purple lovers are fascinating observant individuals who often have a generous spirit and artistic flair. Purple, the favorite color of most children, also has a mysterious air about it making it popular with artists or creatives too. In interiors purple usually works best as a light or a very dark almost neutral hue wall color or as an accent in any shade. 


Brown personalities tend to be down to earth, stable, and in harmony with life around them, while still appreciating quality. Brown lovers like to keep things simple, secure, and peaceful, but that doesn't mean they aren't cosmopolitan. Brown hues work great for your interior if you're looking to create a grounded space that's also cozy and inviting whether its a living room, dining room, den, or even a bedroom.

Beige, a lighter version of brown speaks of someone who is warm, reliable, and doesn't often rock the boat. As a light neutral this color can be introduced almost anywhere including combining it with gray for a cool/warm color combination. 

Here in this stunning rustic great room we designed that was featured in the international book Architecture Today Interior Design, warm browns wrap around the room like a big hug, creating a welcoming feel.


Did you know that white is the sum of all other colors combined? Isn't that amazing? As an interior designer I love that white can do so much in a room's interior design from creating more contrast and bouncing light around a room to visually expanding it. But white also signifies innocence, cleanliness, and purity so you may notice that white hue lovers sometimes have the same characteristics in their neatly organized and well kept homes or crave the innocence of their youth.   

In this hearth area renovation we darkened the floors to contrast against the white walls and trim we introduced. Then we continued the white theme by slip covering dining chairs, upholstering arm chairs, layering in pillows with white backgrounds, putting in white/gray marble tile, and adding a table we had white washed that was formerly a door.

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The gray personalities that I've experienced are content to be calm, cool, and collected. They prefer to stay out of the limelight, opting instead for safety, security, and practicality. That's why I believe as an interior designer that gray color schemes have become so popular at home for years because this color creates a calm respite from the outside world and works well in almost every room.

In this gorgeous high rise master bathroom we designed, gray from the Italian marble style tile repeats again on the custom designed vanity and walls. White quartz counters, square knobs and a tiled wall enhance the look of this small but stunning space.


Don't know if you aware of this little known fact, but black is completely void of color, the opposite of white. Of course we all know that the black suit signifies sophistication and status in the business world, but black color hue aficionados are also confident in their ability to hold a conversation, clever in their communication abilities, and make security a top priority in their lives. Black is a wonderful color for interiors, especially when combined with white and can used throughout your interior from living, dining, and powder rooms to home theaters, or on doors/trim to create a dramatic look.

So what if your favorite color is a combination of two colors. If that's the case, simply combine the traits associated with each color for a picture of your personality.

To summarize, colors whether worn or used in your interior reveal insight into your personality and life story. And when you utilize your favorite color in your home it can bring back wonderful memories that cradle you in comfort whether its on the walls, ceilings, floors or furnishings.