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5 Travel Shows to Watch on Netflix


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

If you're itching for adventure, flip on your TV. Netflix is loaded with incredible documentaries that take you all over the world. Here are five shows that will educate, excite and entertain you from your living room.

Our Planet

This limited series narrated by the great David Attenborough takes audiences to forests to follow Siberian tigers, to coastal seas to swim with sea turtles to jungles to observe orangutans and more. Admire Earth's spectacular beauty with this up-close-and-personal footage of nature.

Dark Tourist

Follow journalist David Farrier—if you dare—to some seriously strange destinations around the world, from haunted forests and disturbing museums to abandoned islands and voodoo festivals.

Tales by Light

Photographers and filmmakers trek the globe capturing footage of extraordinary people, creatures and places, from the Aboriginal people of Australia to rare marine wildlife. Tales by Light has three seasons packed with astonishing sites and exciting adventures.

National Parks Adventure

Robert Redford narrates this thrilling documentary that showcases the stunning beauty and diversity of America's national parks. Artist Rachel Pohl, mountaineer Conrad Anker and photographer Max Lowe lead the journey on camera from glaciers in Montana to the spectacle of Utah’s natural arches.

Chasing Monsters

Join adventurer Cyril Chauquet on his quest to conquer the largest and most ferocious underwater beasts. Travel to Cuba to catch barracuda and tarpon, to Paris to chase a mysterious giant fish and to the heart of the Amazon for piraiba.