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Make it a Creative Summer


Article by Northland Lifestyle

Photography by AR Workshop

With the last month of school wrapping up, parents and children alike are beginning to think of summer activities. Everything from pool memberships to summer classes will be in full swing soon. It’s important to also think about what things will get your children’s creative side going - maybe something that allows them to create something for your home or for their room, or something that lets them get their hands dirty and broadens their minds to new ways of creating than just legos or video games.

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AR Workshop in North Kansas City is providing a summer day camp for kids from 7-14 years of age. AR Workshop is known for its ability to give even the least crafty kid or adult a fun project to work on or new skill to learn. Their summer camp will be no different!

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Your kiddo will be taken care of by the kind staff at AR workshop for a portion of your day and will learn at least four different DIY projects and go home with a DIY camp t-shirt. The staff has also taken great care to teach new projects each week, so that you can choose between four days or one week of creativity - maybe even a few more weeks, or all twelve weeks! 

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Not only will you get a chance to rest, but your kids will glow with pride over their new bird houses, string art, macrame, or plank signs and have something to show for it at summer’s end. Don’t neglect your child’s creative brain - be sure to sign up ahead of time and get on the list for day camp at AR Workshop on their website or call to learn more.