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Dancing at Yogafort


Article by McKenzie Joyner

Photography by McKenzie Joyner

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho— The dance class with Celeste Bolin stole at Yogafort stole the show. It was an hour-long dance class shaking everything out of us, singing along to a song at one point saying “All my bad habits, they got to go, got to go.”

Celeste Bolin leading the dance class. Video: McKenzie Joyner.

It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I left the class drenched in sweat but with a lightness to my step. It was everything I needed without even knowing I needed it.

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Celeste Bolin on stage at Yogafort. Photo: McKenzie Joyner.

If I could recommend one class to for everyone to attend next year it would be this dance class. We, especially adults, need this kind of movement and fun in our lives. A space to let it all go and to allow ourselves to move with the music.

Celeste Bolin leading the dance class. Video: McKenzie Joyner.

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McKenzie Joyner, is a private chef, holistic nutritionist, and yogi, you can find her on Instagram @sproutingvitalityand FB @Sprouting-Vitality.