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Staying Safe Never Looked So Chic


Article by Lauren Wilson-Policke

Photography by Brand's Websites

Over the past few months, face masks have become the norm, latex gloves are no longer just seen on healthcare professionals and hand sanitizer is pretty much the equivalent of liquid gold. We are all doing our part to stay safe, healthy and care for others while keeping our sense of normalcy. I've rounded up some fashionable and innovative products and services from small businesses around the US who are committed to protecting us during the pandemic while not sacrificing our sense of style and comfort.

Since we will likely be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, we may as well have options to coordinate with all of our outfits, right? I discovered INHEAVEN, a Los Angeles-based small business on Instagram, and immediately added several styles to my cart. The brand goes beyond your basic blue paper mask, offering face coverings made of quality fabrics like denim and linen with the option to add a custom sparkly initial or chain to elevate your look. ($19.99- $40)

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While the US slowly reopens and many of us begin to head back to the office and resume travel, we need to continue to keep our (and others'!) safety top of mind. Wander Gloves ($29) will be your go-to item (alongside your mask!) to help you dodge touching risky shared surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs and grocery carts. Take them on your trips to the gas station, store, public transit, parking meters, elevators, airports or keep them in the door of your car just in case! Wander Gloves are antibacterial, UV protectant, machine washable and reusable, making them a sustainable way to stay safe. They offer touch screen functionality on the index finger and thumb so you’ll never miss an email when wearing, and you can easily store them in their convenient carrying case to avoid cross contamination when not in use. Wander Gloves are a client of LWP PR.

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As face coverings are a must-have, non-negotiable item when leaving the house these days, you may still be getting used to idea of carrying them with you at all times. A stylish solution? Mask chains! This simple accessory makes toting around your mask effortless and also elevates your socially-distant look. Best of all, most chains double as sunglass holders, camera straps or even necklaces, making them a great multi-purpose purchase. NYC-based small businesses Simple Satch and Pretty Connected have teamed up to offer a variety of stylish and one-of-a-kind chain and mask sets. With a ton of options available on their site, you're bound to find a set that suits your style. This Crystal Star Mask and Silver Chain Combo ($50) is my favorite.

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It's more important than ever to keep ourselves healthy during this pandemic and the upcoming flu season by combatting germs. But, the item we touch the most each day and hardly ever disinfect is crawling with bacteria. Throughout the day, all the bacteria we touch on grocery carts, gas pumps, doorknobs, and even other people are transferred and stored on your phone. To make it worse, it's been said that our phones have more bacteria on it than a public restroom—GROSS. A brand called PhoneSoap is offering up a simple and safe solution. You may recognize the product because it was featured on Shark Tank in 2015. Spoiler alert: They went with Lori. PhoneSoap is UV Phone Sanitizer that uses UV-C light which is safe for electronics and claims to kill 99.99%† of germs. Simply place your phone in the tray, close the lid and let PhoneSoap work its magic for 10 minutes. I received one as a gift last Christmas, and I keep mine on my desk to remind me to disinfect my phone and Airpods too. ($79.95-$119.95)

If you don't want to give up wearing your favorite lipsticks this fall, I have the perfect mask for you. The ClarityMask™ is a transparent, patent pending face mask that offers complete visibility so that you can not only show off your favorite lip shades but have the ability to express emotions while keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. The ClarityMask™ claims to “float” on your face, providing significant breathability, comfort and protection. As most masks limit us from seeing the majority of our faces, the ClarityMask™ ($24.95) is a great option for those who are hearing-impaired, as well as their families.  I don't know about you, but I really miss seeing people smile, so this product is really exciting to me.

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Social distancing and quarantining at home can be a challenging concept, especially for those who are older, have pre-existing medical conditions or live alone. I was introduced to Snug, a free personal safety app designed for people who live alone. This app checks on you at a time of day you select. If you fail to check in, your emergency contacts are notified, and if you are on the paid version ($9.99/month), a dispatcher will send a well visit to your last known location. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID, many are questioning the safety of their older family members and what their options look like, especially as long-term care facilities have proven to be a hotspot for the virus. Snug is a way for people living alone and independently to feel peace of mind. Think of it like a modern-day Life Alert that is designed to be friendly, positive, and proactive. Best of all, it's free! How convenient is that?

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