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My Favorite Large Outdoor Planter Pots


Article by Donna Hoffman

Photography by Stock Images

Hands down, the fastest and lowest cost way to make a high impact change to your home, front door, deck, patio or a combo is to refresh your outdoor pots. I’ve gathered here 5 of the BEST-looking outdoor planter pots to get you there easier. But first, a quick lesson. 

Designer Tips for Decorating with Planter Pots: 

Yes, I chose the word decorating in that subtitle because that is what planter parts are. They are decoration. They the jewelry, the punctuation marks, in your outdoor spaces, so select them carefully for: 

  • Shape – so it aligns well with your exterior style and the lines of your home. 
  • Finish – so that it aligns well with your exterior finishes since your exterior finishes have color and mood. 
  • Size – so that it is large enough to do what you need it to do, rather than looking like a scared move or clutter. 
  • Style – so that it says what you want it to say and is aligned with the style of your home and outdoor furnishings.  

Great Looking Outdoor Planter Pots Hack: Get out the tape and measure the size of your pots now so you determine how much bigger (or smaller) you want to go next. Visuals like these can be helpful when you do not design for a living. 

Another Best Looking Large Outdoor Planter Pots Consideration  

Great looking outdoor planter pots have as much to do with the post as they do with what is planted inside them!  

As you are shopping for your new pots, consider what you plan to put in them to help you visualize the “end product.”  

We’ve isolated our top picks for great looking outdoor planter pots that are as high on style as they are on beauty.  

  • 6863c954-dd66-4a39-89de-ba422b4d98ae-1

Arzola 2 Piece Iron Pot Planter Set - All Modern  

This striking pair is well suited to either a front door, rear patio or deck.  At 23” & 19” tall, they make a striking statement, but be sure to display clustered as a pair.  

  • 2aad8afd-c039-457c-8db2-cd2b71e34b2f-1

Portside Garden Planters – West Elm

With the look of combed concrete, these sleek 20” squares exclude a clean urban modern vibe. I love the line, simplicity, and color of these. These are so good looking, they could easily make an appearance indoors in a modern farmhouse or urban modern decor, holding a fiddle leaf fig.  

  • fde57c50-afee-45e6-a7d2-31e5a24d706d-1

Square Planter Pots – Gardener’s Supply 

For the traditionalists and the transitionalists among you, this one is for you. This is this is not a new-new shape, but it is a classic. This pot will look as handsome in a pair by the front door as it does on the deck or around the pool. The art to using a simple shape like this is…repetition meaning, instead of 2 at the deck, go for 6! 

The pots are 20” tall and wide, and come in a choice of color, however for a classic timeless choice, stick to black or white. Grandin Road has a similar style option called the Devon Square Planter, also good looking but higher cost.  

  • d60f176c-f37f-40d8-9e18-0de6ffce001c-1

Regent Box Planter - By Henfeathers 

OK, so I gave you a super budget friendly option above, so I feel less guilty now in showing you this splurge item from Henfeathers. 

This hip, sleek style is $989 in the largest 24” square size, but if you have some budget elasticity and want something sleek and signature, girlfriend….give me an amen on this one!  Henfeathers has a slew of great looking options in a higher price point – definitely worth checking out even if you want to dream a little. 

  • 6df3128f-8c20-4e87-864a-c4d91a55b9e8-1

Lucas Urn Planter Pot – Grandin Road

Yeah, I know this shape is not new-news either, but girlfriend there’s a reason that this is a customer favorite on the popular Grandin Road site…because it’s just that damn good looking and classic…I mean…’cmon. 

Standing at a stately 23” tall, a pair of classic urns is as perfect by a front door planted with boxwoods as it is punctuating the patio filled with trailing plants or holiday greenery. 

The Wrap Up:  

It is easy to grow used to straggling looking planter pots you’ve had for years. You stop seeing the fading, chipping, rusting or the fact that their style has become dated. Or perhaps for you, the issue has been that you’ve been slowly adding to your collection and things are looking a little hodge-podge.  

The end of Summer and early Spring are a great time to take inventory with fresh eyes. And if you shop at the end of the summer, you can also more likely take advantage of end of season sales WHILE also getting your front step or deck looking refreshed for the autumn and winter holiday. 

 Note: Please be aware that all items noted above were available and stock at the time of this writing.  

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