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Article by Jason Racca

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Often times, the content that gets the most attention are the complex, fancy topics or treatments and that info needs to be out there. But what we don't often see or think about is that the way to heal and treat the complex, is to understand and master the basics at R3 Physio!

Understanding the Tissue's Needs:

Post-surgery or injury, the body enters a delicate stage of healing. At R3 Physio, we prioritize understanding the specific needs of your healing tissues, and the different systems of your body. Often, in acute injuries, or the initial phase of post-surgery the important factors are not the hands-on, manual therapies we're known for, but about nurturing the tissue through its healing stages and with the utmost care and knowledge.

The Importance of Gentle Rehabilitation:

A neighbor's tale of avoiding physical therapy after a total knee replacement due to fear of pain is a narrative we hope to change. In many clinics, pushing beyond the tissue's tolerance, or progressing for the sake of progressing is common, but at R3 Physio, we adopt a gentler approach. Our years of experience have shown us that effective rehabilitation doesn't need to be painful.

Incorporating Manual Therapy Wisely:

As healing progresses, manual therapy becomes more relevant. But timing and technique are key. Our approach ensures that manual therapy is introduced when beneficial, preventing unnecessary pain and fostering a more comfortable recovery, but know that even in the early stages or acute phase of healing, a well-managed scenario can provide a quicker and more thorough healing.


The foundation of any complex structure needs to be solid, and the same goes for healing. At R3 Physio, we ensure that the basics of healing are well-covered, paving the way for a more advanced, pain-free recovery. Because at the end of the day, healing is a journey that should lead to renewal, not fear.

Ready to experience a healing journey that respects your body's needs at every stage? Contact R3 Physio today and let's start a conversation about your path to pain-free recovery.

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