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Plant City Florida


Article by Gretchen Grey

Photography by Christina Strong Photography

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Located in the Heart of Central Florida.

Plant City is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. 

Located fifty-four miles from St. Pete Beach and forty-three miles to Walt Disney World make, Plant City is the perfect place to stay. Plant City was named in commemoration of Henry Plant and his railroad, which significantly boosted commerce in the primarily agricultural community by merging it with the South Florida Railroad. The fact is that Florida is the dominant producer of strawberries harvested in the winter when many parts of the country are blanketed with snow. It's true—Florida strawberries provide a taste of summer all winter long!  text.

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We asked a local vacation rental host why he chose to open a vacation rental in such an unusual area." My Grandparents were originally from here in Plant City. Spending my summers here in this house with my grandparents were some of the best memories from my childhood. 

One of our favorite things to do in the winter was sitting around the fire pit and drinking hot chocolate, roasting smores, and sharing family moments. I love doing that now when I come here with my children. Mendonsa Place is a Coastal Farm house-inspired vacation rental in central Florida. Large oak trees and a beautiful open backyard are some of the many features that make this home a perfect place to host your family for your next vacation.

Many small businesses operated here have been part of families for multiple generations; they wouldn't know it any other way. Fred's Market Restaurant is a perfect example of family business here in Plant City. Elton and Evelyn Johnson established a Plant City Tradition of FAMILY DINING & SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY in 1954. It began with a gas station where Evelyn would cook family meals for her husband and children. It wasn't long before friends and passers-by would show up to enjoy her SOUTHERN COOKIN and GENEROUS HOSPITALITY. Today the LEGACY continues of SERVIN' IT UP SOUTHERN with grandsons Owen and Michael Johnson. FAMILY HERITAGE and good ole' SOUTHERN CUISINE is another reason that makes this community a place to add to the top of your list on your next trip to the sunshine state.