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What Makes Double-Hung Windows Popular?


Article by Kristen Stamman

Photography by Kristen Stamman

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After replacing your old windows and siding, you will notice a significant improvement in your indoor comfort. The right windows can highlight the beauty of your home and increase its energy efficiency. Among all the options available today, double-hung is one of the most popular among homeowners. Keep reading to learn why.  

Timeless Appeal

Double-hung windows work well in both traditional and contemporary home styles. You can use them in almost any part of your house. They are available in various colors and finishes that can boost your property's curb appeal.

Added Ventilation

Sufficient ventilation is necessary to keep your living space from getting uncomfortably humid. Good airflow can also eliminate lingering odors from your home. Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes, giving you more control over ventilation. Stale air will escape through the top sash, while fresh air will enter your space through the lower sash.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs? If so, consider investing in new windows and siding with excellent insulative capabilities. Many of today's double-hung windows have features that can lower energy costs, such as multipane glass and low-emissivity coatings. 

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining double-hung windows is a breeze. They have titling sashes, allowing you to clean them without stepping outside. All you need to do is inspect and lubricate their moving parts regularly so they continue to operate smoothly. 

Enhanced Security

Another great thing about double-hung windows is that you can't push them outwards. Because of this feature, experts recommend them near outdoor walkways and decks. You can lock them shut to prevent uninvited guests from entering your house. 

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