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Monochrome - Trendy or Boring?


Article by dream style fiesta

Photography by dream style fiesta

These days I see Monochrome dressing popping up in fashion, especially for fall. ⁣If it’s executed well it can be a turner to elevate your look in any season.⁣

Mono = one and Chrome = color. You can wear different shades of a single color to create an overall tonal look.⁣⁣

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How to put a monochromatic look together⁣?

- Shop your wardrobe ⁣

The fun part of creating monochrome look is to look into your wardrobe . Select the color which enhances your complexion and your hair color.⁣ A color that looks good on you! It does not have to be black, white or grey. It can be any color.

- Add Prints for fun ⁣

Monochrome outfit doesn’t have to be in plain colors . To add some fun to your monochrome look you can incorporate prints of same color and create a statement look. ⁣

- Mix new and vintage pieces⁣

A vintage statement piece like a skirt would look excellent with your latest trendy top⁣.

Did you know monochrome outfit makes you look slimmer?⁣

Same tonal look like a monochrome outfit can make you look slimmer especially in darker shades. ⁣Dressing head to toe in one color forms an uninterrupted and elongating view of yourself. This means that you will appear taller and slimmer without dieting, HOORAY!

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