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Article by Khrystyna Iaroshenko

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I like to try different workout classes to make my work out routine more exiting. And during lockdown I have experienced almost every app and online training programs available out there. One of my favorite is SMSTRECHING, founded by extremely beautiful and smart women. I got lucky to interview her exclusively for Citylifestyle.

Samira Mustafaeva, a prize-winner of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship and a founder of the fitness studios SMSTRETCHING in Moscow and LA

What does sport mean to you?

Sport is my life. Well, it might sound like a cliché, but I can’t describe it in any other way. I’ve been doing gymnastics since childhood. There were constant trainings, training camps and competitions on my schedule. And now I have fitness studios where we help people be fit, flexible and healthy. We help them become the best versions of themselves and that’s what I like the most.

I’m grateful to the sport for the discipline, strength, patience and perseverance. These character traits are also important for doing business. You see, it’s all about sport!

We know that you are a multiple medalist of the World Team Championships, could you please tell a bit more about your journey?

When I look back, I understand that it was a long and not always easy way, but I’m glad to be where I am now.

My Mom took me to gymnastics when I was five. I really didn't want to train and the coaches were displeased with me. But after three years, the first results appeared, and I got into it. It was an honor to be awarded as the youngest gymnast at the competitions in St. Petersburg.

How was SMSTRETCHING born? Tell us a bit more about the international success of the studios.

After I retired from sport, I worked as a coach for young children, but I quickly realized that I wanted something more. I decided to start group trainings and rented a small space. But as more people showed up wanting to train, I started looking for a bright and spacious place and turned this idea into a full-fledged business. In May 2017 we opened the first studio in Moscow — and then things started moving really fast. We opened four studios in one year.

I think the audience in Russia loved us because we always surprise people with new fitness activities and popularize them. And, of course, we choose only the most effective workouts!

As for the USA, we opened SMSTRETCHING in Beverly Hills in April 2019. We brought a unique stretching technique to LA. One class includes 15 minutes of traditional training and 45 minutes of intensive stretching. If you are looking for a non-trivial and effective type of fitness, this is exactly what you need.

What is unique about SMSTRETCHING?

We’re more than fitness. We’re a community. We support each other and believe that #everythingisstretchable. It’s our motto, which means nothing is impossible ranging from a twine to a lifelong dream.

We focus on individual health aspects and the level of physical training of each person. You can be sure of every SMSTRETCHING coach. They are Russian and World Champions in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Before becoming a part of the team, candidates are being carefully selected and taught specific teaching techniques, take an exam and only after that they start to work. The risk of getting injured and disappointment is zero.

I know you guys have a marathon, an app, and online live events. What do you prepare for English-speaking audiences / clients?

Due to the pandemic, now it’s very difficult to plan something. We hope that the studio in LA will return to work soon and we will come to the USA to see our team and guests.

We’re preparing to release a SMSTRETCHING app and continue to shoot videos with trainings for our English-speaking audience.


Samira Mustafaeva's Instagram: @samira__mustafaeva

SMSTRETCHING LA Instagram: @smstretching.la


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