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Find the Best Foam Roller for Self-Care


Article by Laura Mak

Photography by Laura Mak

It seems like we are all looking for ways to simply incorporate self-care and ways to feel good, sleep well, and be well. Here is a self-care tool that you will definitely want to add to your routine. And believe me, they are not all the same. 

The IntelliRoll Foam Roller is one of the best top-notch foam rollers. It was created by the well-known chiropractor out of Omega Rehab and Sport in Westlake Village, Calif. Dr. Sevak Khobadakhshian, aka “Dr. K.,” was the one who designed and created the IntelliRoll Foam Roller which has a pain relief and recovery system known as the Pressure Release Flow. The IntelliRoll is your self care body fix for life!

I met Dr. K. a few years ago when I went through a spine alignment certification workshop with him, at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. I have since become an IntelliRoll Master Trainer with the company. Nevertheless, I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and I have seen many products come and go, and this was one that I knew right away would be here for the long term. 

When you are choosing your foam roller you want to look for a few things: sturdiness, comfort, and intensity. Here are a few of the characteristics that set it the IntelliRoll apart from all the others.

1.  The Body Zone - is the curved area on both sides that curves to your body to connect with more surface space on your muscles, deepening the release you get.

2.  The Spine Zone - improves posture quickly and safely aligns your spine.

3.  Nodules - it has better grip and control with textured surface.

4.  Surface - it is made with high-quality durable foam.

As a coach and an instructor, my clients use the Intelliroll Foam Roller to work on spinal mobility either before or after a workout, in the evening before bed, or any time during the day they feel like their spine is stiffening up. Just 30-90 seconds can make the biggest difference in the body and well-being. Yes, it is true, you don’t have to spend hours to get the self-care boost you are looking for from this foam roller. The unique body zone and spine zone make it an amazing tool for self-myofascial release.

I teach community classes at Athleta in Bellevue as well as with Kendra Scott Jewlery in Bellevue Collection, and after our workouts we always use the IntelliRoll to release those hard working muscles. It has been a great way to introduce this product and let my friends and clients try it out.

In this video I share some moves you can use for lower back, glutes, + hip flexors.

If you also use the IntelliRoll in the evening like me, here’s another benefit: the elevated platforms target the muscles + joints of the spine providing deep relaxation + increased blood flow. . . which can help YOU sleep better too.

Anyone in need of a good night sleep? 

Use code: LauraMak10 for your discount on the Intelliroll Foam Roller. will give you three options: Firm, Flex, and Sport versions. The Firm Roller is for the more seasoned foam roller or who wants a deeper release. The Flex Roller is great for getting started and working through those tight areas. The Sport Roller is a little shorter and light weight. This is the one that travels with me in my carry-on bag, as it fits perfectly and weighs less than a pound. It has gotten a lot of miles with me, last year, pre-Covid-19 of course!

Take a look at the different foam rollers see which is best for you. Reach out to me if you have any questions or need tips on how to reach certain muscle groups. Enjoy this simple and super effective tool for your self-care routine!!