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90 Days to Make A Change

Local fitness challenge for a lucky 15!

SFX Fitness is partnering with Sebastian Cruz Couture for the ultimate opportunity to join the most transformative 90-day fitness challenge. 

Not only will you be sculpting and chiseling your body, but you will enhance your understanding of fitness, learn your body dynamic, focus your mind, build confidence, and become a better version of yourself. The goal is to create the best version of you - mind, body, and soul. At the end, the winner will be announced and receive a custom Sebastian Cruz Couture look as well as the entire fitness challenge for free. 

Fifteen people will be chosen to participate and provided with the following tools and these inclusive benefits. The program will include two elite 1-on-1 training sessions per week at one of their locations. An in-house nutritionist will consult weekly with constructed meal plans or customized meal programs. Full access to both gyms and all classes, weekly stretch sessions, plus a 3D body scan at the beginning and end of the program with a bloodwork panel testing for nutrient deficiencies and hormone irregularities. 

All ages, and fitness levels are welcome to submit and nominations are also encouraged.

Must be focused, committed, and determined.



  • Diets don't work. Lifestyle and mindset changes do!