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5 Tips for a Gram-Worthy Christmas Tree


Article by Anna Huff

Photography by Anna Huff

This year we are going for a much more simple look for our Christmas decor. We went from a 12 foot monstrous tree, to a 7.5 foot King of Christmas beauty. And once I put it up, I enjoyed just letting it twinkle in the evening. By far one of my favorite aspects of Christmas is the twinkling lights. 

While I debated letting the tree go naked this year, I felt like I would be letting my kids down to not decorate the tree. 

For years, I have struggled with Christmas tree decorating. Our tree growing up was always a hodgepodge of ornaments collected over the years. While there is something really nostalgic about a tree with heirloom ornaments, I have always wanted a “pretty” tree. 

This is the year. I designated a special tree just for the heirloom and fun ornaments for the kids to decorate and reserved the living room tree to be decorated “pretty.” 

I am a big believer in decorating your home in a way that brings you joy. This means other people aren’t always going to “get” your style choices. But that is the beauty in it; they are your choices and it’s your home. 

We all pine for that beautifully decorated Christmas tree, don’t we? We dream of a Christmas tree full of beautiful ornaments and perfectly placed garland. At times, it feels almost impossible. And scrolling through your Instagram can leave you questioning how anyone is able to get that perfectly decorated tree. I’m here to give you a couple of practical styling tips that will hopefully help you to feel a little less frustrated as you attempt your Gram-worthy tree this year.

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1. Fluff and Shape

The first thing you should do once your Christmas tree is out and set up is to fluff. This is the simple (and sometimes scratchy) process of shaping all of the branches. As much of a hassle this step will likely feel, it’s one of the most important steps in getting a beautifully decorated tree. Take the time now to get all of the branches shaped and filled out. You won’t be sorry.

2. Have a Vision

Once your tree is properly fluffed you are ready to decorate. Have a vision in mind for what you are wanting. It’s best to have a theme that will flow throughout the decor of the tree. Something like a color scheme, style, or pattern. Assess what ornaments and garland you have for your vision and consider what additional ornaments and garland you may need.

3. Garland 

There are many options out there for types of garland to choose from. Christmas tree garland is anything from ribbon, burlap, or beads. Also, felt beaded garland is very trendy right now. Your garland can either go all around your tree or just be woven back and forth across the front of your tree. Our Christmas tree is in the corner so I was able to just weave the garland back and forth across the front. 

4. Ornaments

The trick with placing ornaments on your Christmas tree is all in the balance. I like to layer them by tucking ornaments further back on the branches of the tree. Also, you will want to use varying sizes of ornaments and keeping the sizes balanced around the tree.  

5. Tree Skirt and Topper

You’ll want something to hide the base of your tree. Consider a chunky knitted blanket wrapped around the base of your tree. This is such a cozy look. There are also a ton of great tree collars out right now. A tree collar can either look like a tub or a basket. Either of these looks is really gorgeous and it really just depends on your personal preference. Don’t forget about a topper. Many people like a star at the top of their tree. Whatever you choose, be sure it fits with your theme and vision for the best complete look.

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