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A Guide to Interior Design in St. Louis


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Are you looking for interior design in St. Louis? Interior design is a combination of creative art and science. The two together enhance the interior of a house or any type of building to reach a healthier and a more visually attractive environment. 

Interior Design + Designers

An interior designer does the research, plans, coordinates, and supervises the interior design projects. Interior design is a multidimensional profession that includes abstract development, space design, site inspection, programming, communication with the investors of the project, research, construction administration, and the implementation of the decided upon design.

Types of Designs

There is certainly a lot of interior design companies in St. Louis to choose from.

Let’s look below at some of the different types of designs to help choose which design is best for your home. Many people choose to design just their living room because that is where they spend most of their family time and gathering with friends and on holidays. That in return will help you decide which design is right for your needs.

  • Modern style
  • Transitional style
  • Midcentury style
  • Contemporary style
  • Traditional style
  • Farmhouse style

The six styles listed above are some of the most common home designs. However, you are not limited to those six. Other designs include Hollywood glam, vintage, tropical, Victorian, rustic, Mediterranean, and several other designs. A good interior designer can create any look you like for your home, including a combination of styles.

Designer Styles + Ideas

Once you have decided to redo the interior of your home, you must decide on a design.

There are several different types of designs (see list above). If you are having trouble deciding or simply do not have an eye for interior design, then you’re in luck.

Designers specialize in which throw pillow goes best with what accent rug, calming a chaotic floor plan, what is currently trending and/or evergreen, which tile floor will go best with your cabinetry, how to gain space in a small area such as a child’s bedroom or play area, the best light fixtures, how to give the illusion of a sunken living room, how to get the most room out of a small bathroom and just about anything else you can think of.

Interior Design Companies in St. Louis

In St. Louis alone there are approximately 50 interior design companies and the number of interior designers is unknown while one may work alone another may work in a company.

Residential Interior Designers in St. Louis

  • JCR Design Group – Owner Jennifer Rapp works primarily with high-end residential interior design clients in several different states. She has won awards for designing, and she also designs outside spaces for homes.
  • JDM Interior Design – Jessie Miller has won numerous awards, written several articles on interior design for national magazines and appeared in two HGTV shows. Jessie is a highly sought-after residential interior designer in St. Louis.
  • Marcia Moore Design – Owner Marcia is an award-winning designer including the Best of Houzz Awards who specializes in luxury residential designs.

There are several more residential interior designers in St. Louis, and if you’re on a budget and looking for affordable interior design, you won’t have any trouble finding a designer to meet all your needs. That’s the nice thing about interior design in St. Louis; there is a designer or design firm to meet everyone’s budget and specific needs.

Let Your Interior Designer Lead the Way

These women and men have been designing houses, apartments, and numerous types of commercial buildings for at least 10 years.

They may not all be award-winning designers (some may choose to stay out of the spotlight) but they are all more than capable of helping you with your designer needs, whatever they may be.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, that’s OK because designers have enough ideas for a hundred people. It’s best to enter into the process with an open mind. While you may feel that a lavender wall is not your style, when the project is complete, you may realize that lavender was the only color for that project.

You must have trust in your designer; let them know what you would like and the two of you can work together.