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Meet Cristina Antonelli


Article by Bridgewater City Lifestyle

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Bound Brook, NJ – Nestled in the heart of Bound Brook on Maiden Lane, stands a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of luxury and serenity when it comes to their hairstyling needs – Color Me Chic Salon. For almost half a decade, this salon has been a cornerstone of elegance and professionalism, a testament to its owner, Cristina Antonelli's dedication and passion.

A Vision Come True

Growing up, Cristina always had a penchant for beauty and style. Her dream was to create a luxurious yet calming space, not just for her clients, but also for her staff. "I always wanted to own my own salon," she shares. Today, her dream is a reality that caters especially to the residents of Bridgewater and Martinsville, NJ, offering them an unparalleled hair transformation experience.

The Color Me Chic Difference

Anyone who has had the pleasure of stepping into Color Me Chic Salon knows there's something distinct about it. Cristina prides herself on not double-booking during transformation appointments. "We believe in always protecting the integrity of the hair. When you double book, mistakes can happen." It's this meticulous attention to detail and genuine care for her clients' needs that sets Cristina and her salon apart.

Lessons in Leadership

Owning a business isn’t always a walk in the park, and Cristina acknowledges that there's always a learning curve. "Have patience with yourself; no one truly knows what they're doing initially," she advises budding entrepreneurs. However, she believes in growth, both personally and professionally. "I aim to have a thriving team and wish to build an incredible community of stylists. Every day, our goal is to be better than yesterday."

Over the years, she has also understood the importance of setting boundaries and not taking things too seriously. One crucial piece of advice she offers to other business owners? "Always have your policies set."

Beyond the Salon Chair

When Cristina isn't transforming hairstyles, she's pushing herself in pole classes, working out, or delving into the world of modeling. Her zest for life doesn't stop there. If you're lucky, on your visit to the salon, you might just encounter a friendly furry face. "My dog comes to work with me every day," she beams, adding that she believes her canine companion is changing people's perceptions about pit bulls.

Experience the Difference

Color Me Chic Salon is more than just a salon; it's a testament to Cristina's unwavering passion and dedication to her craft and clients. If you reside in Bridgewater or Martinsville, NJ, and are looking for an unparalleled beauty experience, Cristina Antonelli and her team at Color Me Chic Salon await you.

Visit them at 18 Maiden Lane, Bound Brook, NJ, and experience the chic difference firsthand.

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