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Stand Together, Support Local Businesses


Article by Tiffany Slowinski

Photography by Provided

What a roller coaster these past few months have been! In early March, when the severity of this virus was still unknown, we chose to take our children on a long-planned family cruise. In retrospect, the naivete seems rather silly. Luckily, we enjoyed our week in the sun and exited the boat unscathed… but the world we came home to was unlike the one we left.

Panic consumed us and we were scared for our health, future, economy, and sanity—homeschooling three children while publishing a magazine full time isn’t for the faint of heart.

But we quickly learned something… We are all in this together! There is comfort in knowing that we aren’t alone. From watching friends join forces to sew and distribute masks, to restaurants donating food to the workers on the frontlines to people volunteering to food shop for the elderly when grocery delivery proved difficult, we saw our community uniting. 

Our family alone has been the recipient of many random acts of kindness: donuts from The Good Donut Shop being dropped off at our door by a friend; surprise friendship bracelets and candy from classmates; a free family-sized dinner from Hills of Herat as a thank you for supporting their business; a deep conditioning treatment delivered in the mail from Beverly Hills Hair Studio to keep the quarantine hair at bay; a total stranger on Facebook picking up hand sanitizer from Wegmans for us when our supply ran low; the owner of Mimosas and Masterpieces giving our children a bag of painting supplies so they could participate in virtual art classes; and so on.

We are humbled. We are blessed. We are grateful. 
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It occurred to us that while this isn’t the same world we left behind as we sailed out to sea, that perhaps we returned to a better one?

#BridgewaterSTRONG is more than a hashtag. It is a community initiative. The goal is to bring you hope, because we personally have it. Bridgewater is rising above this and is stronger than ever.

Magnets are just $10 each and all proceeds will go to support local businesses who are struggling due to COVID-19. Let's stand together and show our businesses that we are #BridgewaterSTRONG!

To purchase a $10 car magnet, please click on the Paypal or Venmo icons below. Don't forget to include your home address with the transaction.

Magnets will be mailed out at the conclusion of the sale.