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From Crisis to Cash Flow


Article by Ashley Oakes Scott

Photography by Aribella Photography

For almost two decades, Rebekah Goldman was behind the scenes in some of the top restaurants, catering companies and venues in town. She grew from a server to an Executive Chef at one of the nations top catering companies. She did this through her perseverance, team leadership, and of course industry knowledge. She came to a point where she wanted to take all of the knowledge that she had gained, and apply it in a new way. This is how Taking the Wheel Consulting came to be. Instead of operating a business herself, Rebekah is now an extension of support for her restaurant, catering, and bar clients. It's not just about the P&L, inventory, or product costs for Rebekah though. It's also about, how your team efficiently works together through effective leadership.

Rebekah created in-person consulting services for her clients with solutions including Team Development, FOH and BOH training, Cross-Training, Appraisal of Establishment and Venue Image, Maintenance, Vendor Relationships, Venue Relationships, Leadership and Management Development, Functionality and Organizational Advancement, Customer Experience, Safety and Sanitation Procedures, Food Handling procedures, and more. As many food & beverage business owners know, having that hands on approach really can push a business further. But, with the onset of the pandemic, Rebekah wanted to find a way to still connect with her customers to bring them value and help them to get their business back in shape.

Rebekah recently launched the "Crisis to Cash Flow Masterclass" for restaurant, bar, and catering business owners. This class is aimed to help increase profitability and customer growth after such a depleting year. Rebekah has broken up the class into 4 parts and will cover everything from really directing your business, customer service, and how leadership in your company really plays an integral role.

The first week will cover how you can take back control of your business. "When was the last time you had a day off? Do you have a work/home life balance? Where do you see this business going? Are you ready to fight? Has burnout put you in a place where you don’t have the energy to do this anymore?" All of these questions are things that Rebekah wants business owners to think about.

During weeks two and three, Rebekah will go over in depth, the art of leadership and team development. She believes that there are six important pillars for this topic:

  • Learn
  • Example
  • Accountability
  • Direction
  • Empower
  • Responsibility

The last week of the masterclass will cover all things regarding consistent customer experience. Think Chick-fil-a or Dutch Bros. They have it down to a science! How did they get there? Because the training of their team is the same at every location. The verbiage, the side-work, the recipes, everything is the exact same behind the scene, which allows everything to be consistent in the front. Nobody is thrown into a situation they are not ready for. There are rules that hold everyone accountable. This means that you are also reaping the rewards of your team.

Since 2020 was such a struggle, Taking the Wheel Consulting is offering business owners 70% off this masterclass and coaching program with code: CTCFM2021. More information on this class is available here.