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The Best Wedding Venue 


Article by Matthew Perry

Photography by Nick Allen Photography

Planning and experiencing your daughter’s wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing memories of one’s life.  My oldest daughter just married her prince charming after 9 years of a long-distance courtship.  Her mother and I live in Kansas City, yet she and her fiance were planning their wedding near Fort Worth, TX, where they would be living.  

In her upper 20’s, our daughter and her fiance knew what they were looking for in a venue to host the biggest event of their lives. They were looking for something that represented both of them… the Texas man and the Cinderella bride from Kansas (no… I didn’t mean Dorothy).

I believe Blaine Stone Lodge was the 2nd or 3rd venue they toured in their search and they knew, without hesitation, that this was it.  That said, it wasn’t only the rustic, elegant charm of the space.  Nor was it just the grandeur of the building, nor the beautiful outdoor space for the wedding in front of the lake.  What “tied the knot” was also the people and team that came with it.

The team at Blaine Stone Lodge connected us with every vendor we needed that they did not supply directly.  I have to add that every vendor we worked with was excellent.  You see, Blaine Stone Lodge truly wanted us to have the best experience so they did not take lightly who was recommended to be part of making that most special day happen.

We had the great fortune of being connected with Donna Rumohr of Peonies, a locally owned business owner.  Donna met with my wife and daughter, asked very specific questions to fully understand their needs and desires, listened with great intent, and delivered far beyond our expectations and within budget… every father’s dream!

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Our son-in-law booked Dan Quinn of DBQ Entertainment.  I was told he is the best in the entire metro… but I truly had no idea. The music, from the wedding to the reception, was nothing but perfect.  Dan worked with our son-in-law and planned the evening ahead of time, arrived early the day of the event, made adjustments as requested, engaged with our audience, was incredibly entertaining, and left nothing spared. 

Tease to Please was yet another locally owned business that provided hair and makeup services for the bride and many others in the wedding party.  Absolutely every detail was met, leaving our daughter to worry free.

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The final polish came with the cake that was simply elegant. This was made and delivered by Back Home Bakery... and it tasted as incredible as it looked.

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The rest was in the hands of the amazing Blaine Stone Lodge staff.  We met with them directly the month before to ensure the final details were all set.  This included the rehearsal dinner the night before, seating and table arrangements, as well as the support we would need the day of to ensure every detail was addressed.  You see, the last thing we wanted was to worry about all the details the day of the wedding.  We simply wanted to embrace the day, create the memories, and NOT miss anything because we were worried about what was happening next.

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This is where Leslie, the event manager, the amazing team from Blaine Stone Lodge came in.  You see, they left no stone unturned, covered every detail imaginable, and left the day to be frankly speechless.  Here’s just a few examples:

  1. The food from the rehearsal dinner to the reception was spectacular.  Their onsite chef and the servers ensured the food was to perfection.
  2. The preparation of the space from outdoor seating to indoor sound, lighting, serving, and dancing were simply planned out to every detail.
  3. The best part was they were always present, knew where to be and when, yet were never in the way.

We even called Leslie two weeks prior to the wedding to see if we could still add fireworks at the end of the day, as a final surprise for the new bride and groom.  Even though we were past the deadline, guess what…

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Just like everything else, the fireworks exceeded our expectations in every way.  I guess when we can look back and honestly say there isn’t one thing we would have done differently that day, that pretty much says it all.  I also can’t tell you how many of our attendees said it was one of the most fun and memorable weddings they’ve ever attended. So thanks to Blaine Stone Lodge and the other vendors noted above in making what could have been the most stressful day of our lives, one we will remember and embrace forever.

If you are looking for an event venue near the Fort Worth, DFW, Dallas metro area... Blaine Stone Lodge will be sure to exceed your expectations.

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