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MAP Scores & Mathnasium


Article by Michelle Koester

Photography by Michelle Koester

Every year, Mathnasium families share their mathletes' MAP data with us and here's what we saw this fall. Three Papillion families and 1 Millard family provided parts of their MAP reports, giving us a good cross section of Mathnasium students' information.

  • While all 4 students showed good achievement, 3 of them demonstrated knowledge gaps from previous grades, indicated by the level of their initial Mathnasium learning plans.
  • Mathnasium works with students to close gaps that could impede progress at school.
  • All 4 showed considerable growth, even 1 who was already high achieving, and those who had been enrolled for only a few months.
  • Mathnasium works with students on their Mathnasium learning plan and their schoolwork, to help grow their skill and confidence.

How Does it Work?

During each mathlete’s sessions, we work with the mathlete on his or her learning plan. Where needed, that time includes helping the mathlete with homework, extra practice, etc. for school.

Schools and teachers are asked to do so much, and for so many kids, this additional targeted support can make a big difference in helping individual students close specific gaps.

How Can we Help?

Let's talk about it! We have year-round programs and summer only programs. Mathnasiums all over the country partner with families and schools to Help kids catch up, keep up and get ahead. We want to support the great schools in our community - in the way that works best for you!

Here's what one teacher told us yesterday:

I'm very pleased with the progress she's made with you and [our shared student] has expressed that she feels like it's really helped her in our class.... I will continue to update you on skills she is expected to demonstrate in Geometry class.

To learn more, or to schedule an assessment, visit our website.

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