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Community Kindness Week


Article by Meridian Lifestyle

Photography by Community Kindness Movement

“Children experience bullying each day, whether it be at home, online, in school, or out in our communities. Children have not yet developed the coping skills to brush off devastating effects. It’s our job to give our children the tools needed to be successful in life and to learn the valuable attributes that we make them successful. By teaching our children resilience and kindness, we can help teach them some of the most valuable life skills to get them through the adolescence.” - Melissa Nelson

Community Kindness Movement was founded in 2015 by Melissa Nelson and her family because their own child was dealing with bullying. The family chose to perform acts of kindness, sending 26 single yellow roses anonymously to the school, which ultimately brought awareness of harassment and youth violence, particularly in school settings.

Community Kindness Week kicks off the “Community Initiative” and the “Kindness Begins with Me School Program” at the beginning of each school year. Every year, CKM celebration begins the third week in September. Each day of the Kindness Week, there is an acts-of-kindness challenge for the community and for the schools to participate in.

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PHOTOS: This year, the community members are galvanized with Gov. Brad Little’s support in CKM’s efforts to advocate for Bullying and Suicide Prevention.

A new Kindness design is created with the same message each year. Through local business sponsors, parent donations, PTO/PTA funds, and school grants, the shirts are purchased for every student and faculty and inspires unity and builds camaraderie. This year, the Kindness T-shirt will be distributed and worn during the Meridian Community Kindness Week and encouraged to be worn throughout the school year each Thursday.

For more information on how to participate in the Community Kindness Movement:


Facebook: Community Kindness Movement

Instagram: @CommunityKindnessMovement