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3 Ways to Use a Pressure Cooker


Article by Kate Baxendale

Photography by Stock Images + Provided

If you haven't succumbed to the pressure cooker craze by now, perhaps these surprising functions will convince you. Pressure cookers are for much more than just one-pot meals in record time. They can replace bulky rice cookers, slow cookers and can even do a better job than your oven sometimes. These three recipes are great examples of the power of the pressure cooker.

Whole Chicken

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Did you know that you can throw a whole chicken into your pressure cooker—and the results are fabulous? This recipe from will become your go-to for dinner.

Homemade Bread

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Nothing smells better than fresh-baked bread. You'll be amazed by unconventional method from I Don't Have Time for That.


Yep, pressure cookers can even produce yogurt! You'll be hooked on this recipe from