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Moving April 1st, 2021


Article by Teri Landsman-Few

Photography by Teri Landsman-Few

This article is sponsored by Miss Kasual.

Hello and good day,

I have always found the good and the bad with moving my personal residence, but I never imagined how much a spark in my passion ignites with a new business location. The excitement of meeting new people and forming friendships with my patrons, is always the motivation and desire to create a space where everyone "can be themselves".

I was very scared about how our community would take the news that we are moving again (we just moved into our current location in Oct. 2020). But, they have welcomed it with open arms, many of them are ecstatic, as we will be centrally located amongst other popular businesses. For those of you who are just getting acquainted with Miss Kasual, let me give you a bit of our back story.

My husband actually started this company in Minot, ND back in 2015. He moved to the cities shortly after, and then we met a few months later and have been together ever since. We opened our brick and mortar in April of 2018, a very quaint and cozy 350 square foot space, nestled inside an old Sears Roebuck Catalog building. It was struggle for us to get noticed, we did not have any windows, no main street access, and few members of the community to "check out" what we were all about. As, we were beginning to get recognized and the word was getting out; 2020 happened. We were forced to close our doors for 2 months, our hopes and dreams were fizzling away. Social Media quickly became my best friend and forced me to go outside of my comfort zone. In September of last year, I felt it was a necessity for our survival to relocate to larger and "seeable" location. We turned our current location into something magical, we have a storefront on the main street of our little lake town. It is truly awesome to see window shoppers placing their faces up against the glass to get a better view of our products. The downside to our current location is that our building is for sale, and with no guarantee of us being to rent out our space, we needed to find another location (keep in mind, our town's retail space is very limited). Hence, the moving sale.

Miss Kasual is a second home to many of our clientele, and I LOVE it! We are a support system for each other. It is almost like the modern day, barber shop. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are no judgments, discussions are open and honest. I welcome the stop in and chat, our boutique is not all about shopping.

Until next time, be safe and stay healthy.


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