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The Importance of Consistent Attendance


Article by Lauren Alexander

Photography by Lauren Alexander

Importance of Consistent Attendance

We have found here at CBW Carmel that the most successful Campers attend Day Camp consistently, as they are acclimated to our environment, including the daily routine, the Camp Counselors, and the other Campers. 

Because of this, we recommend that all Campers attend a minimum of 5 Days of Camp annually (bi-monthly is recommended). Our goal is to ensure that ALL Campers who attend Day OR Overnight are properly acclimated to the facility. 

If you cannot or will not be having your Camper attend Day Camp consistently, we will need you to acknowledge the following: 

Campers who are not properly acclimated may be more susceptible to contracting communicable illnesses, such as Canine Cough or Canine Influenza, as anxiety tends to weaken the immune system. 

Campers who are not properly acclimated may be more susceptible to Stress Colitis and other Gastrointestinal distress. They may also exhibit anxiety that causes them to change their eating habits, as Campers who are properly acclimated to the environment typically eat according to their normal schedule. Keep in mind that the Camp environment is both mentally and physically stimulating, so you may want to pack extra food to account for increased calories burnt. 

Campers who are not properly acclimated may also require more frequent rest breaks, as they are not use to the “hustle and bustle” of the Camp environment. If you do not see your Camper on the Camper Cams, they are resting in their Cabin. If you would like to give your Camper more individualized attention, please sign up for a Snuggle Time, Sniff n’ Seek, or Play Pals Session. 

We strongly recommend that you allow your Camper to properly acclimate to our structured, enrichment-based Day and Overnight Camp program with consistent attendance, as this will ensure that your Camper is comfortable when they are Camping with us. Our goal is to make Camp a treat and not a stressor. an article.

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