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How to Dry Citrus for Crafts


Article by Julie Bonner

Photography by Julie Bonner + Stock Images

Creating a home environment of comfort has been my ultimate goal as of late. Our homes have become retreats, our safe havens. If you're like me, I can’t wait to get through the day and back to “Home Base” where I know I’m safe and sound. So what better time to bring back some holiday traditions that are the epitome of a cozy home? These homespun DIYs are simple and timeless. So bring the family together and remember what’s important this holiday while creating some homespun goodness.

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The first Homespun DIY we will tackle is Dried Citrus. This is one of my all-time favorites for a couple reasons. These dried citrus slices smell absolutely divine and style-wise will last from early fall through Christmas.

This is so simple, you will ask yourself, "Why have I never done this before?" These slices can be used in so many ways, so get creative with them. I have a few pictures of some of my favorite ways to get you inspired.

Dried Citrus

What you need:

  • A bunch of navel oranges (each large orange will yield approximately 10 slices)
  • Sharp knife
  • Cookie sheet covered in parchment or foil
  • Oven or dehydrator (if using dehydrator, see your manual for directions)
  • A long afternoon (this process, though very easy, does take time)


  • preheat oven anywhere from 125 to 170 F (my oven only goes down to 170 F and worked just fine)
  • Slice your oranges thin, trying to be as uniform as possible
  • Arrange on your lined cookie sheets
  • Place in the oven (process can take anywhere 4-8 hours depending, on your oven)
  • Check on them every hour. Each oven is different, so yours may run hotter or cooler; adjust as needed.
  • My slices at 170 F took approximately 6 hours to get dried out. I flipped them a few times throughout the process to keep them flat and to insure an even bake.
  • The color will start to deepen as the start drying; be sure not to overcook.
  • After they are all dehydrated, I like to put mine in a bowl and put a few drops of orange essential oil and mix them around and seal the bowl for a bit to let it soak in.
  • That's it! Now get crafting.

Thank you for trying this out, and I hope you enjoy making this holiday favorite. Follow my profile to see more Homespun Goodness. Cheers!

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