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Guide to Car Dealers in Washington DC


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The US Capital, Washington DC, is small, yet holds the home with the most powerful office in the world, among other vital structures. Dignitaries, executives, and workers as a whole are continually moving about. 

Hence the city remains vibrant both night and day. Sitting on the banks of the Potomac River, DC borders the states of Virginia and Maryland. 

Don't judge a book by its cover because this compact city has nearly 5.4 million people to transport. With all its museums, restricted driving areas, and more, how do people even get around? 

The town has been centered around public transportation for years; that's why there are more car dealerships across the borders than in DC.

However, that has been changing recently, with a survey carried out by Capgemini Research Institute showing that more than 10,000 millennials who participated, saying they will be opting out of public transportation for hygienic reasons.

This is a big deal for the car dealerships in Washington DC since they have been seeing and will continue to see a surge in motor vehicle purchases. 

So if you're planning to buy a vehicle soon and need to know what to get and where to find them, here's a guide to car dealerships in Washington DC.

DC Car Dealerships By Area

There are two significant areas devoted to both used and new car dealerships in Washington, DC. They are Bladensburg Rd and DC proper. 

Bladensburg Road

Cars are not in abundance at the 12 DC car dealerships along this road than the city's population. Three of the dealerships cross over into Maryland. However, the best place to get affordable cars is across the border. 

Usually, "cheap" pre-owned vehicles inside the city limits are more expensive than what you'll get in the suburbs. Fortunately, prices are negotiable most of the time. 

Except for one dealership, all the Bladensburg Rd dealerships in DC are rated above four stars. There are no primary car dealers on this stretch of roadway, but there is variety.

Even though you're getting çars sometimes cheap and with high mileage, be sure that all the crucial things are functional, like the lights, turn signals, brakes, and wipers. 

Check for battery corrosion, rust on the body or the wheel sections, and the exhaust pipe. If a car dealer is hurrying to get the contract signed when you're trying to assess the car, it's an obvious pointer that you're purchasing a vehicle with defects. Walk away!

DC Proper Area

The general DC area has 12 car dealerships that include Tesla on NW Suite. There is another dealer, Elite motors, that have the mid-range to luxury vehicles, but the inventory is small. Another popular dealership is Jimmy Autos Inc. 

Vehicles you can find used across the city are Infiniti, which is becoming a famous brand at car dealerships in Washington DC. Nissan vehicles are also easy to get, as the Rogue and Sentra.

There are a few Dodge line of cars like the Charger and Dart. Other brands around town are Ford Mustang, Kia Optima, Honda CRVs, Toyota Corolla, and Camry. 

In the meantime, more dealerships may likely surface, or the current ones will expand as the demand for used cars rises. You should, however, shop around carefully and try to get the best value for your hard-earned money. 

Best Value: Used Car Dealerships In DC

Washington, DC has over 20 used car dealerships, at least those that are registered. They include luxury, rugged, and eco-friendly vehicles. 

The great thing about DC, the country’s capital, which is always abuzz with activity, is that no matter what type of vehicle you seek, you are ensured one that's used but in excellent condition.

It's always significant to remember, though, that looks are occasionally misleading. Therefore it's essential to take the automobile you plan to buy for a test drive and carry somebody informed about vehicles in the event you're not. 

That way, you can seek a better discount or buy somewhere else. Keep in mind that this is DC, and nothing is cheap, including used cars, with the average decent car being close to $20,000. 

Yes, you can get a car for less than $3,500 but be prepared to have an independent mechanic check the vehicle for issues, test drive it and haggle for a lower price if there are issues. 

A Carfax report or vehicle history information should be presented to you from the onset. That is what reputable DC car dealerships will do.

There are more used auto businesses than new ones. A large number offer in-house financing, giving rise to more people whose credits may be average, having the opportunity to own a vehicle.

The interest rate may often be higher than that of a typical lender, but most car buyers do not mind as long as they get their car. The higher a deposit, the lesser the interest and monthly payments will be. 

People going into the used car dealerships pre-approved for a loan stand a greater chance of getting their desired vehicle. 

The prices have a vast range, starting from an average of$3,000 to almost or sometimes more than fifty thousand dollars if you're buying a scarcely used extravagant model vehicle. 

Speaking of luxury cars, you see officials traveling in them every day, but where do they purchase or lease them?

Luxury Car Dealerships for High-End Auto

Several of the luxury cars you see across DC are rentals. Many people lease their automobiles from car dealers, and the rest buy theirs.

For people seeking luxury or exotic cars, there is only one car dealership in Washington DC that focuses on luxury cars. They are Tesla, and as you may know, Tesla only sells its make and model vehicles. 

There is, however, Universal motors just across the border in Maryland that also serves DC. Universal Auto carries Maserati, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, and many more. 

Exotic cars aren't anywhere near cheap, but this is DC with a median salary that tops the rest of the country, so people buy what they desire.