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Madison Pearson Pilates Conservatory 


Article by Madison Pearson

Photography by Dillon Shook

From Mentor to Mentee

Transitioning from Pat Guyton Pilates Conservatory to Madison Pearson Pilates conservatory, Pat wanted to guide Madison through the transition and help her succeed. Mentorship is passing on the torch and helping through the process. Growing together and collaborating is how we become better students and teachers. Madison is an accomplished teacher and will continue to apprentice with Pat as a demonstrator/assistant domestically and internationally. Pat has moved her main focus from teaching clients, to mentoring teachers to leave her impact.

Together we offer in-person workshops and teacher trainings that focus on functional movement and digestible anatomy. We believe that building a community and empowering both our students and teachers is key to creating an environment that fosters growth and development. Led by Master Teacher Pat Guyton, our programs are designed to help you retest your understanding and excel in the world of Pilates. Welcome to our movement family!

Pilates is a practice, through form and function we artfully move invigorating our bodies and minds. Every body and spine are different and no rules apply to one. Through positive language, functional imagery cues, and continued practice. you can embody the exercises. Pilates should be fun and we have fun!

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