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Our Guide to Furniture in St. Louis


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Need a new couch or an entire bedroom set?

When you're looking for furniture St. Louis, there are a variety of stores to choose from—from vintage to chic to ultra-modern. Whether you want to outfit a nursery for a new baby or get a standing desk for the office, our city has a store for you. Here's a quick overview of St. Louis furniture stores.

Check Out Furniture Stores in St. Louis

You can find all kinds of furniture stores in St. Louis and surrounding areas, too. They range from trendy boutiques to everyday discount stores to fit virtually every lifestyle and budget.

If you have a child on the way or know someone who does, you'll be happy to know that you probably won't have to travel far to find baby furniture stores.

Some are chain retailers, such as Baby Depot, Babies R US, and Once Upon A Child, that are spread out across the St. Louis area and neighboring Illinois. Others are independently owned and have only one location. Additionally, many furniture stores that sell a wider selection of items for home and office also carry baby furniture.

Buying on a Budget? Find Discount Furniture

Sticker shock isn't just something we can experience when car shopping; it happens when browsing for furniture too. But if you're buying on a budget, there's good news: our city is home to plenty of discount furniture stores. 

One place that takes a unique approach to providing great furniture deals is Weekends Only Furniture. It's only open three days a week. While this may sound like a limitation, it actually minimizes overhead so those cost-savings can be passed directly to customers. And since weekends are usually the busiest shopping days for most stores, it's a win-win for everybody.

Weekends Only has everything you'd expect to find in a furniture store: bedroom sets, kids and baby furniture, discount office furniture, decor, and more.

Discount furniture stores usually offer room sets as well as individual pieces, so you don't have to buy more than you need. Bob's Discount Furniture, which has two locations in the St. Louis area, also has outlet shopping available for even more furniture deals. Outlet shopping can be done both in-store and online for maximum convenience.

Find Furniture for Every Room in Your Home

Most furniture stores in St. Louis stock items for your entire home—living room, dining room, baby's and kids rooms, kitchen, and home office.

If you're just moving into a new place and starting from scratch, you probably need more than furniture. American Freight in St. Louis has you covered. The store carries mattresses, furniture, and appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers) so you can get a lot of what you need under the same roof. Furniture shopping can be incredibly time-consuming, so this is definitely a plus.

Check Out Furniture for a Specific Room

Need to give one of your home's rooms a makeover? You'll be happy to know that furniture stores in St. Louis carry hundreds of different brands and styles for every room in your home—including your home office—so you're likely to find something that lines up with your tastes. Living room sets usually consist of couches, armchairs, and end tables. For the bedroom, you can find bed frames, mattresses, dressers, and night stands.

If you already have most of what you need for a particular room, you can purchase individual pieces too. This is especially helpful when furnishing a "bonus room" like a game room that may not require a full set of items. If you're fixing up a game room or media room, you may want to look for a store that features entertainment centers and TV stands among its inventory.

Deck Out Your Deck or Patio

When turning your house into a home, we can get so focused on the interior that we neglect our outdoor spaces.

But when you want to relax on the patio, you'll want to make sure it's comfortably furnished too. Furniture stores, such as the aforementioned American Freight, carry every piece of patio and outdoor furniture you can think of: tables, fire pits, grills, and accessories. Other retailers offer furniture and accessories, along with patio furniture repair.

Don't want to pay too much for deck furniture? Big Lots, IKEA, and Weekends Only are just a few of many furniture shops that carry discount patio furniture.

Make Your Office a Place Where You Enjoy Working

Most furniture stores in St. Louis stock items for home offices, especially with increasing numbers of people working from home. But what about office furniture for your place of business? Commercial office furniture stores offer new office furniture and used items, too, such as desks, chairs, cubicles, and more. 

Check Out Custom Furniture to Fit Your Tastes

If you can't find what you want at a conventional store or need something designed according to specific dimensions, it may be time to hire a custom furniture maker. Customer furniture builders can craft a variety of pieces, such as tables and cabinets, as well as wood and leather furniture.

Go Back in Time with Vintage Furniture St. Louis 

There are a number of places to get vintage furniture in St. Louis.

Some stores that carry it limit their inventory specifically to furniture. Other vintage shops sell "throwback" furniture along with other items from that time period. You'll see a lot of vintage articles at consignment stores, too.

Discover Hidden Treasures with Antique Furniture

Antique stores and consignment shops are known for carrying treasures from a bygone era.

Some of them specialize in antique furniture restoration so you can take pieces home that have been returned to their original condition.

Take Up a Minimalist Mindset with Modern Furniture

Looking for something more modern? Most garden-variety furniture stores sell modern furniture. Many antique and vintage shops advertise mid-century furniture, as in authentic pieces from that time period. Other stores carry modern furniture derived from designs of the past.

With its minimalist look, mid-century or contemporary furniture is easy to pair with any decor and hopefully won't go out of style anytime soon.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding furniture for your home or office. St. Louis furniture stores boast a wide assortment of furnishings—for every preference and budget—so you can deck out your home or office in a style all your own.