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5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Powder Room  


Article by Lanie Draper

Photography by Lanie Draper

Exteriors, kitchens and master bathrooms seem to take center stage when it comes to home transformations, but I promise you, small rooms like that of a powder room can pack just as large of a punch! These small and mighty spaces are the perfect place to showcase your design style and even get a little funky (gasp!). Are you ready to take your small space from drab to fab? Great! Then keep reading for my five areas to focus on in order to transform your powder room.

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1. Walls

The first thing I do when designing a space is decide where I want to make the biggest impact. In this particular room I went with the walls! Because there were no windows, I felt like this was my opportunity to get moody!

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2. A Mirror to Remember

Your powder room is likely a room that every guest coming to your house will see, so in my opinion, make it memorable! I am always touring people's homes before they become clients and bathroom mirrors are so telling! Why? Well, because it's a simple and single selection, making it easy for people to hone in on their personal style. For example, a dark pharmacy mirror is a great option for a farmhouse, while an asymmetrical wood mirror is something I'd see from a client who has more of a mid-century sense of style.

With there being so much wall space in this powder room, a big mirror helped tone down the pattern of the wallpaper while playing into the transitional style of the rest of the home.

3. Lighting

Don't skip over this detail in your powder room. Whether you want a pretty flush mount or sconces to add extra framing around the mirror, this detail will surely be another way for you to impress your guests and transform your powder room.

4. Vanity Style

Most people have a blend of styles that appeal to them, and guess what? That's great! Finding styles and pieces that compliment one another is what makes your house not only unique but visually interesting! Rather than going with a heavy wood vanity, I opted for a sleek and dark modern floating vanity.


You will always need to make sure you have room for your powder room staples like soap and a towel, but that doesn't mean they can't be cute! I also love how large this vanity is because I was able to sneak a large vase and jewelry dish on it.

See something you need? Then head over here!

Thank you for reading and I can't wait to see how you follow my tips to transform your own powder room!

Happy updating!